Sea fishing


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5-6 Day
Age 7+
from 3 to 12
Accommodation - catamaran, yacht
Transport - catamaran / yacht, boats "Zodiac"
Fishing is a great vacation for everyone.
Fishing is a great vacation for everyone.
We went out to sea and immediately felt like a real sea wolf, on the hook of which there may be flounder, pollock, cod, perch, medium-sized halibut.
You are excited to take the fish for fish off the hook, and at this time the orcas swim past, the seals and sea lions are looking out of the depths of the sea - there is no hotel for them. A fresh breeze brings the spicy and salty smell of the ocean. From the galley (on the sea-kitchen) it smells like real fish soup, fried fish. The taste of freshly prepared dishes from the fish you have extracted courageously argues with the dishes of Michelin restaurants. Fresh crabs, sea urchin roe - a real delicacy.
You continue your journey past the bird markets, past the lonely standing nests of Steller's sea eagles. You will meet sunrises in picturesque coves, where you can quietly and quietly rest.
Interesting walks along the coast. But you will make them accompanied by the staff, since there is a high probability of meeting in the Kamchatka bear - the owner of these places. Since the owner and the beautiful fisherman himself, you will enjoy watching his precise and precise movements. Many Asian tourists fly to Kamchatka only to see bears in their natural habitat and indulge themselves with sea urchin caviar, they know how tasty and healthy it is. This is still available to all of us.
Fishing river fish will be organized in the mouths of the rivers in boats Zodiac.
Day 1
Day 1
Meeting at the airport, transfer, accommodation. Go to the Bay of Larch, fishing, watching whales, killer whales, viewing sea lions rookeries.
Day 2
Day 2
Transition on Zodiac with jet engines to the lake Larch. Watching bears, fishing for wild salmon: Kunja, char, Chinook salmon, pink salmon, coho salmon, sockeye salmon, chum salmon (the object of fishing depends on the time of year). Return to the Russian Bay. Those who wish will land on the shore and take a walk to the waterfall.
Day 3
Day 3
Trek up to Berezovaya Bay, further along the Zodiac on the Berezovaya River. Stop, walk, inspection of an abandoned village, fishing for a rare loach. And, of course, watching the fishing bears.
Day 4
Day 4
We offer 2 alternatives:
  • continuation of river and lake fishing, in the chosen place,
  • hunting for halibut.
Day 5
Day 5
Crossing Cape Dangerous, then Sarannaya Bay (fishing objects - flounder, pollock, perch). Inspection of the island of Starichkov - a zoological monument of nature. Here are the nesting colonies of ten species of marine colonial birds, two of which — the red-faced cormorant and stARIK — are listed in the Red Book of Kamchatka. Return. Transfer to the hotel.
Day 6
Day 6
Additional day (can be used with a 6 - day program).
Fishing on electric tackle (objects of fishing red grouper, makrusru, halibut streltozuba). Watching marine animals.
Price per person for a group of 8 people from 75 000 ₽
Tour price for a group of 1 to 10 people:
5 days / 5 nights - 600 000 ₽ for a group of
6 days / 5 nights - 680 000 ₽ for a group of
6 days / 6 nights - 720 000 ₽ per group
Additional day 120 000 ₽

Fishing places / Objects of fishing:
  • dumps and banks, at shallow depths up to 100 meters,
  • large depths - dumps of 100-400 meters (objects of fishing: ramp, perch, cod, halibut strelozub, makrusarus, halibut),
  • reefs and underwater rocks (objects of fishing: blue perch, rasp, lenok),
  • river mouths (objects of fishing: coho, mikizha, char, chum, pink salmon - depending on travel time).
Yacht / Catamaran
Number of cabins (beds with bed linen) - 3:
1st cabin - double and single bed,
2nd cabin - double and single bed,
3rd cabin - double bed.
In the cabin, a double bed can also be installed if the group is larger than 8 people.
Hot shower daily.
The level of technology fishing:
from beginner to professional.

Equipment level:
professional equipment (gear) for sea and river fishing.

  • Meeting and seeing off tourists at the airport Elizovo
  • Fishing licenses
  • Insurance
  • 3 - single fresh seafood, meat, fresh fruits and vegetables, delicacies, tea and coffee around the clock. There is a professional cook / waiter.
  • Using a motorboat
  • Staff services: crew, guide, cook - waiter

  • Individual equipment
  • Alcoholic beverages, cigarettes
  • Hotel in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky
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