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Kuril Lake - the kingdom of salmon and bears
Individual VIP tour by helicopter to the protected area of Kuril Lake.
VIP format
  • From 9:00 to 18:00
  • Easy
  • 1-16
  • Helicopter
Tour Map
Transfer from the Petropavlovsk Hotel to the heliport.
Flight to Kurilskoe lake 220 km. - 1 hour and 15 minutes.
Excursion on the Kuril lake.
After the briefing, you will be acquainted with the ecosystem of Kuril Lake accompanied by the inspector of the reserve. The lake is the largest breeding ground for Pacific sockeye. In some years, up to 8-10 million individuals come here. The abundance of fish attracts bears here. Pacific seagulls, White Sea Eagles are not averse to eat salmon.
The guide tells about the South Kamchatka Zakaznik, about the very volcanic origin of the Kuril Lake, the legend of the Heart of Alaid, one of the extrusive lake domes, pumice deposits called "Kutkhina bata".
On a boat, accompanied by an inspector, you will be able to drive up to the gathering places of fishing bears.
Flight to Caldera of the Ksudach volcano 25 min.
1-hour tour of the caldera of the Ksudach volcano, lunch.
Next flight to the river Hodutka, where there will be an opportunity to swim in the Khodutkinsky thermal springs.
After swimming - flight to the heliport. Transfer to the hotel.
From 110 000 ₽ per person
On the Robinson type helicopter,
1 person - from 250 000 ₽
2 people - from 135 000 ₽

With a group of 3, 4 people, flights are carried out on a Mi-2 or Eurocopter helicopter.
3 people - 140 000 ₽
4 people - 110000 ₽

What's Included
  • Transfers
  • Flight program
  • Reserve fees
  • Sightseeing escort
  • Dinner
  • Bathing in thermal springs
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