Volcano Ksudach


During this tour you will visit:
Halaktyr beach of the Pacific coast - Alpine meadows - Extrusion Camel - Rocks Three brothers - Russian bay - Geyser valley - Uzon volcano caldera - Nalychevskaya valley - Kuril lake - Ksudach volcano crater - Hot river Khodutka - Vilyuchinsky pass - Caldera volcano - Gorely volcano - Mutnovsky Volcano - Dangerous Canyon - Fish Market - Avachinsky Volcano - Ethnocomplex Snow Dogs - Pirozhkovy Paradise in Sokochi - Rafting along the Bystraya River - Bathing in thermal natural springs.
During this tour you will see the natural monuments of Kamchatka, including the Valley of Geysers, which is one of the seven wonders of Russia!
8 days / 7 nights
From 2 people
Hotel accommodation
Transport - luxury car
Transport - helicopter
Tour Map
Day 1
Day 1
Meeting at the airport.
After the flight, at the only Kamchatka airport located 3 km from the city of Elizovo and 30 from the city of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, our representative will meet you. And although the flight was not difficult, but the difference with the European part of our country is significant - 9 hours. Therefore, on this day a pleasant, uncomplicated tour will be organized for you. On Khalaktyrsky beach of volcanic origin you have to feel the power of the great Pacific Ocean. Strong waves crash against the shore, scattering in thousands of splashes, mixing with the black volcanic sand of a titanium-magnetite composition. The sand here is special - it is attracted by magnets. In sunny weather, even on a cool day of air, the sand is warm, which sometimes fuels the desire of travelers to swim. But the water in the ocean in the summer is 14-16 C. Therefore, swimming here is only possible for seasoned tourists. A little further from the coast, the Kamchatka tundra spreads with a fluffy carpet. In summer, it is delicious, covered with honeysuckle, blueberry, lingonberry, shiksha, and beautiful in autumn: green - yellow - red fields, intricately intertwined, go to the golden line of Kamchatka's birch trees. After a picnic overlooking the ocean, return to the hotel and relax.
Day 2
Day 2
Excursion around Avacha Bay.
All aircraft arriving in Kamchatka to safely land on a landing are deployed in Avacha Bay. At this time, you can clearly see all the islands and bays of Avacha Bay. On a sea trip, you will learn them from the boat. First you will swim up to the Three Brothers nature monument - the famous cliffs at the entrance to the bay, and approach the nature monument on the island of Starichkov. The island is known for its bird markets, there are nesting colonies of seabirds, two species of which are the red-faced cormorant and starik, in whose honor the island is named, are listed in the Red Book. At the top of the rock, the Babyn Stone often see Steller's sea eagles. You will have the opportunity to fish in Tikhaya Bay, and the cook will prepare your ear from it. With an individual order, the diver will get sea urchins and crabs from the seabed for you - delicacies that you can taste immediately after dinner. If you have friendly relations with the sea, then the journey can be extended by visiting the Russian Bay. After 12 hours of travel, you will be more likely to meet killer whales, sea lions, seals, and other marine animals.
The tour will end with a walk through the historic center of the oldest city in the Far East and a visit to observation platforms on the hill of Petrovskaya and Nikolskaya.
Day 3
Day 3
Observation of bears on the Kuril Lake.
Transfer to the helipad. A short flight and you are in a favorite place of wildlife photographers. Kuril Lake - a bear paradise. From all over Kamchatka bears are rushing to a feast. From May to February, the Kamchatka salmon spawns on the lake. But, if you visit the lake in the first decade of August, then you will get acquainted with a special event - the "rune course". The water in the lake foams from the red salmon, which is not spawning, frogs. It was at this time that hundreds of bears quite peacefully fish on the shore. Not only bears - swans, Pacific gulls, foxes, eagles and many other representatives of the Kamchatka fauna await the start of active spawning. The lake is located on the territory of the South Kamchatka sanctuary, so the entire wildlife is safe here. Watching life stories of bear families is a great pleasure. The next landing of the helicopter is in the crater of the picturesque Ksudach volcano, which is a geological natural monument. There are two lakes at different levels in the crankcase of the volcano - Stübel and Kluchevoye. The water is cold, but especially for lovers of water procedures, the volcano presented a "hot beach" - an outlet for hot water on the shore. You will swim in an amazing warm river. Hodutkinsky hot thermal springs "unload" directly into the river Hodutka. That is why the temperature in the river ranges from 20 to 50 degrees as it approaches the place of outflow of thermal waters. These are real SPA procedures (Sanitas pro Aqua in Latin means "health through water"). This method of healing, when thermal springs were used to heal ailments, has been known since the times of Ancient Rome.
Day 4
Day 4
Flight to the Valley of Geysers - the wonder of the world of Russia!
Probably the most famous place in Kamchatka is the Valley of Geysers. By historical standards, it was discovered recently - in 1941, by T.I. Ustinovoy. The uniqueness and beauty attracted tourists in the times of the USSR, the pedestrian All-Union route passed here, and now.
Modern helicopter route is one of the best impressions of the trip to Kamchatka. The helicopter flies over volcanoes and lava fields, so you can see how the Karymsky volcano ejects ash and gases from the depths, how yellow fumaroles hover in the turquoise crater acid lake of the Maly Semyachik volcano, like the silver of the Pacific Ocean far away.
Valley of Geysers - located in a deep canyon on the territory of the Kronotsky Biosphere Nature Reserve. The excursion takes place on decking paths, since the nature of Kamchatka is very vulnerable. Not only can a person break the delicate balance, but nature itself creates and destroys the beautiful. Many beautiful geysers — the Giant, the Pearl, etc. — are buried beneath the mudflows that demolish everything in their path. But geysers are born and come to life. So it appeared from under the dam and began to play with new colors the Big geyser. It is he who now pleases us with a regular - once per hour - powerful and beautiful eruption. Beautiful geysernaya platform - Stained glass. Different colors painted Boilers. Here is what to see. Therefore, with the flight you need to hurry, do not save for the future. Suddenly, the weather will go wild and take this marvelous place from us.
Nearby, 10 km from the Valley, there is another unique object - the Uzon volcano caldera. Forty thousand years ago, on the site of a gigantic volcano, after the collapse of its construction, a caldera 9 was formed for 12 km. And if the Valley is a dynamic of powerful eruptions, then Uzon is the static of hydrothermal manifestations, only occasionally disturbed by phreatic explosions. Uzona's surface includes mineral lakes, bubbling mud pots, powerful steam columns from hot springs, colored streams against the background of differently colored geothermally altered rocks, and clay miniature volcanoes were already seen in the film "Sannikov Land". Uzon is a magical place where one can travel to the Earth's distant past without a time machine. It is here that various archaea, thionic bacteria, blue-green algae, which appeared millions of years ago, "live" modern mineral and ore formation processes take place here. The tour ends with a swim in the thermal pool in the Nalychevo Valley, which is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Day 5
Day 5
Mutnovsky (Gorely) volcano or fumarol fields
Kamchatka is an area of young volcanism, so here 10% of all volcanoes are active. You will be given the opportunity to explore the volcanoes of the southern group. Mutnovsky volcano, possessing, perhaps, the most powerful thermal fields in the world, attracts travelers of the whole world. It is in its crater that you can go along a rift in the building and wander through the active thermal field between fuming fumarole and gurgling boilers. At the exit, on the river Vulkannaya, cutting through the canyon Opasny, you can see an 80 - meter waterfall. If the road does not allow to drive to the crater (snow from the volcano may lie until August, turning into impassable lakes in the caldera of Gorely volcano or a mash of snow and mud not approaching the crater), then you can visit the Dacha thermal springs and fumarole fields, which are located at the foot of the Mutnovsky volcano 10 km from the active crater. Nearby is Gorely volcano, the ascent is rather simple, but from its summit you can immediately see 8 neighboring volcanoes. A pleasant alternative in case of bad weather is the caves and lavovods of the Gorely volcano. In good weather, you can drive to the area of slag cones and admire the cone-shaped building of Opala volcano. An interesting volcanic area that will always find something to surprise even a seasoned traveler.
Day 6
Day 6
Moving to the mountain extrusion Camel. Watching evravka - Bering gophers.
From the city one can clearly see a slight elevation, which is located between the Koryak and Avachinsky volcano. This is a geological monument of nature "Extrusion" Camel "in the Avachinskaya group of volcanoes." The path to extrusion runs along the bed of a dry river. But as soon as the sun begins to actively heat the snowy peaks or go through heavy rain brought by a cyclone, like a stormy river from the slopes of volcanoes, everything starts to sweep away on its way, making the path almost impassable. We gradually gain altitude and stop at a special platform at an altitude of 900 m above sea level. From here there is a beautiful view of the volcanoes Avachinsky and Koryaksky, the city of Elizovo, located in the Avachinsky lowland far below. A colorful carpet of subalpine plants strewn our way to extrusion. The plants have adapted to the short growing season, and as the snow melts, gradually exposing the slopes, from July to the end of September, and begins to lie down again at the end of September, then in one small area (usually in September) you can see the plants that are still only flowering and already yielding fruits. Approaching the base of the Camel, we, gradually gaining altitude (200m), find ourselves at the highest point of extrusion at an altitude of 1250 m above sea level. Extrusion occurs when, during an eruption, igneous rocks are too mating and, like paste from a tube, are squeezed out from the depths through weak places in the earth's crust. Time destroys these rocks, turning them into sand and slag. Rising, here you can see black-capped marmots - tarbagans. Unlike evrazhek, looking forward to tourists at the bottom, they are in no hurry to communicate and try to get away from the person. Self-preservation instinct gives the marmot colony more chance to survive. Foxes are more likely to hunt evrazhek, which from the abundance of food brought by tourists, become lazy and sedentary. Happy gopher snouts have already conquered the Internet. If in early July evravki happy every piece of bread, then in September, "smiling" only to owners of delicious nuts. We immediately want to appeal to the tourists. Euros are greedy gluttons! They stuff their cheeks with bread to a state where they can barely crawl into a hole. But they will pay for it by making the bread moldy and their stocks disappear. Please do not feed them bread. Feeding the nuts is safer and gives you great pleasure and joy from what you see! then in September they "smile" only to the owners of tasty nuts. We immediately want to appeal to the tourists. Euros are greedy gluttons! They stuff their cheeks with bread to a state where they can barely crawl into a hole. But they will pay for it by making the bread moldy and their stocks disappear. Please do not feed them bread. Feeding the nuts is safer and gives you great pleasure and joy from what you see! then in September they "smile" only to the owners of tasty nuts. We immediately want to appeal to the tourists. Euros are greedy gluttons! They stuff their cheeks with bread to a state where they can barely crawl into a hole. But they will pay for it by making the bread moldy and their stocks disappear. Please do not feed them bread. Feeding the nuts is safer and gives you great pleasure and joy from what you see!
A simple journey along the foot of the Avachinsky volcano, it's nice to end up bathing in the Zelenovsky Lakes thermal baths. Fans of contrasting procedures, steamed out in hot baths, gladly dive into the cold water of the key lake, which is right there, and then rush to warm themselves back into the warm waters.
Day 7
Day 7
Ethnocultural complex "Snow Dogs".
On the Kamchatka Peninsula, there are representatives of the indigenous population Koryaks, Itelmens (Itelmen means "living here"), in the north - Chukchi, the most recent on the peninsula arrived riding on deer in the late 19th century - the Evens. On the islands live Ainu, Aleuts.
The number of representatives of indigenous and minority peoples is decreasing. But interest and their customs and culture is growing both among their descendants, the local population, who understand the value of endangered cultures, and among tourists.
You will have the opportunity to meet the family of Semashkin Andrey and Anastasia. Together they bring up about 100 Kamchatka Huskies. Dogs under the guidance of loving owners have repeatedly been prize-winners of the sled dog race "Beringia". Fragile Anastasia followed her husband and won prizes, running for 2 weeks of the race 980 km.
On the territory of the complex houses for owners and guests were built, dogs live, there is a pen for deer. Anyone can feed the Kamchatka deer with special food. A special delicacy for a deer is a piece of salt, which a noble animal will never exchange for a chocolate bar.
On the tour you will learn about the history and culture of local peoples, get acquainted with the Kamchatka Huskies, Samoyeds and other breeds of the dog kingdom, living peacefully in this good place. You will be able to drive yourself, driving a dog team. Here you will taste some of the local cuisine.
There are several such places in Kamchatka now. But whatever object you visit "Kaynyran", "Eyvet", "Snow Dogs" or others, you will definitely remember the emotional atmosphere of the event and joyful dog faces, ready to lick you from overflowing friendly feelings and love disinterestedly.
Day 7
Day 7
Alternative excursion - rafting on the river Fast.
Rafting is carried out on the Bystraya river, 150 km west of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky. The journey takes about two hours. The technological stop falls on the village. Sokochi (90 km from the city). Stop combined with tea drinking. Why not drink tea with legendary pies. Palm-sized pies have long become a local attraction. Tasty, hot, with a variety of fillings, they are sold in a cafe, the name of which speaks for itself - "Pirozhkovy paradise". After a snack, transfer to the place of rafting. The briefing, and you are on an American raft, accompanied by guides, enjoy quiet, calm water without thresholds and dangerous places for 3-4 hours. The bustle of thoughts leaves and you admire the hills, waterfalls, picturesque beaches. Someone is fishing, someone is helping the guides manage the raft. After the rafting, move to lunch. The excursion will end with a swim in the Malka natural baths. Nature has created a thermal platform with natural baths (puddles) near the mountain river Klyuchevka, so steamed travelers dive with pleasure into cold water, and then rush to warm themselves back into warm waters.
Day 8
Day 8
After breakfast transfer to the airport.
From 220 000 ₽
group of 2 people - 312000 - 425000 ₽
3 people - 273000 - 348000 ₽
4 people - 255000 - 320000
with a team of 10 people - 220 000 ₽
During this tour
You will see from 7 to 13 wonderful monuments of nature
You visit the Valley of the geysers, which is one of the 7 wonders of Russia!

After a daily active day excursion program, you will relax in the cozy rooms of your chosen hotel.

  • Ground transfer
  • Helicopter excursion to the Valley of Geysers, the caldera of the Uzon volcano (as a group)
  • Helicopter excursion to the Kurilskoe lake, the river Hodutka, volc. Ksudach (in group)
  • Reserve fees for visiting protected areas
  • Excursion in Avacha Bay (as a group)
  • Guides, guides, cook on the route
  • All excursions according to the program
  • Accommodation

  • Dinners at the hotel
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