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During this tour you will visit:
Sightseeing tour of Petropavlovsk - Boat tour to Starichkov island - Halaktyr beach of the Pacific coast - Silver stream - Upper Paratunsky springs - Vilyuchinsky pass - Gorely volcano - Mutnovsky volcano - Dangerous canyon - Fish market - Avachinsky volcano - Extrusion Camel village - Pirozhkovy - Camel village - Pirozhkovy - Pirozhkovy village - Pirozhkovy Rafting with fishing along the Bystroy River - Malkinsky thermal springs.
Summer vacation in Kamchatka, without tents!
The tour received the Grand Prix of the All-Russian Tourist Award "Route of the Year" 2014 in the nomination
"The best adventure tourist route."
Maximum content - 10 excursions! Price: 69900 rub.
During the whole tour you will be accompanied by our employees:
tour guide, two guides, cook, driver.
9 days / 8 nights
Medium difficulty
Age 5+
Up to 22 people
Accommodation - 3 days hotel, 3 days hostel with thermal pool, 2 days -wooden lodge
Tour Map
Day 1
Day 1
Arrival in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky. Transfer from the airport to your hotel. Overnight.
Day 2
Day 2
Citytour. You will be invited to the voyage around Avacha Bay (6 hours) to picnic with tasting a traditional Russian ukha (fish-soup). You will see Petropavlovsk and its surroundings, sea birds and their colonies, you will land on the beach for a hike. Overnight in a hotel.
Day 3
Day 3
Drive to the plateau of Mutnovsky volcano.Bathe in the Verhne-Paratunsky thermal springs.This is an unique place where the thermal water river falls down the hill Goryachaya. Drive to the Viluchinsky volcano and visit a place of salmon spawning in the Paratunka river. Relax and lunch. Taste ukha (fish soup) at the Viluchinsky waterfall. Further way to the Mutnovsky volcano.This is an unique place of nature. Overnight in base "Nadegda".
Day 4
Day 4
Breakfast. Hike to the crater of Mutnovsky volcano. Crater of Mutnovsky volcano is known as one of widest and biggest Mutnovsky is an active volcano. Mutnovsky Volcano's crater is noticeable for the most powerful in Kamchatkafumarole fields with large sulphur deposits, mud pots and pulsating springs. In the spring of 2000 occurred the last eruption with a formation of an acid lake in the volcano's crater. Here a halt and light snacks be offered. Then a further hike along the narrow canyon to the crater.Steep slopes form a wide and deep volcano cavity which is filled with sparkling glaciers, cracks and fumaroles.Excursion to the fumaroles fields (800 m > 1560 m) and a stream Opasny. Return to the hotel. It takes 11 hours for the whole hiking to volcano crater.
Day 5
Day 5
Breakfast. Drive to the Gorely volcano. Ascend the volcano and view craters of the volcano. Halt and lunch.Drive to the hotel with a pool with thermal water. Overnight in base "Nadegda".
Day 6
Day 6
After lunch you will travel to the Avacha volcano plateau. Establish base camp and make evening excursions. Overnight in a wood lodge.
Day 7
Day 7
Ascend Avacha volcano (2741m). Ascension to a crater of Avacha Volcano, (900 m > 2741 m). Excursion around the crater to fumarole fields. Have lunch at the crater of an active volcano where its summit commands a picturesque view of a typical Kamchatka landscape: snowy mountain peaks glittering in the sun, and the blue of the boundless ocean. Overnight in a wood lodge.
Day 8
Day 8
After breakfast we drive to Bystraya river and float down the river to the pick up site. Fishing and Kamchatka ukha (fish soup) will fill up your impressions. Overnight in Hotel.
Day 9
Day 9
After breakfast transfer from your hotel to the airport. Depart for home.
74900 ₽
Dates 2021
June :
July : 4, 11, 18, 25
August : 1, 8, 15, 22, 29
September : 5
Features of the tour
9 Day trip. Season : July - September
You will have an opportunity, by trying yourself, to effect ascents and look into the craters of active volcanoes: Avacha (2741 m), Mutnovsky (2322 m) and Gorely (1829 m). Avacha Volcano is one of the most active of Kamchatka volcanoes. Last eruption with lava flows was in 1991. Today, hardened lava has filled the huge cup of the volcano's crater and high fumarole activity continues. Mutnovsky Volcano's crater is noticeable for the most powerful in Kamchatka fumarole fields with large sulphur deposits, mud pots and pulsating springs. In the spring of 2000 occurred the last eruption with a formation of an acid lake in the volcano's crater. Gorely Volcano has 11 craters. Its last eruption with large ash fallout was in 1980. Marine excursion through Avacha Bay, bird rookeries on the offshore rocks. You will experience the most exciting rapids on the Bystraya River - one of the most beautiful rivers on the peninsula, enjoy wonderful sceneries and fishing .

Professional staff on the route
The combination of outdoor activities and overnight stays "under the roof"
Comfortable transportation with the group during the whole tour
5 days of the tour - free access to thermal hot springs, unlimited bathing in the morning and in the evening
Required equipment
The most important thing in traveling is good shoes. You will walk a lot on different surfaces: slag, lava, snow, sand, etc. Therefore, you will need different shoes.
  1. For walks and ascents - well-worn trekking boots (such as Gore-tex) on a thick, corrugated sole, fixing the ankle .
  2. In July, we strongly recommend taking rubber boots on a grooved sole for hiking in the snow.
  3. Comfortable shoes for walking around the city.
  4. Rubber slates, comfortable when bathing in thermal pools.
  1. The most convenient principle in clothing - "cabbage" or "onion" - consists in combining: ajacket (waterproof Waterproof and a windproof Wind block), a fleece jacket, a vest, a T-shirt.
  2. Gloves will need windproof.
  3. Cap.
  4. You will often swim in various thermal pools along the way, so do not forget bathing suits, towels .
  5. Socks that do not rub or get wet, it is better to buy in specialized stores.
Other necessary things
  1. Sunglasses with high eye protection.
  2. High order sunburn cream for face and hands from burns in the mountains.
  3. At Avachinsky Shelter, sleeping bags are needed for overnight stays in the house. Rent is possible - 200 rubles per day. You can take with you a personal liner in a sleeping bag.
  4. Remedy for mosquitoes and midges. We have practically no ticks. Fixed single bites within the city.
  5. Personal hygiene products: soap, shampoo, toothpaste, etc.
  6. We recommend "hiking" or "flashlights" for walking on snow and slag so that nothing gets into the boots.
  7. Trekking sticks. They can be rented (100 rubles per round).
  8. Raincoat (optional).
Individual first aid kit
Drugs you need personally.
Backpack 15-20 liters.
In which will be your things when climbing: sandwiches, water, spare things. Bag or suitcase in which baggage will travel.
Flashlight (regular or forehead)
It will take at night at the tourist base.
What's Included

  • Full board according to itinerary& breakfast in a hotel
  • Double accommodation
  • Transfers by coach, bus
  • City tour and museum entrances
  • Guide, interpreter and cook services
  • Rafting
  • Avacha Bay boat excursion
  • Permits
  • Visa invitation and visa registration
What's Not Included

  • Air tickets to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, to the Valley of Geysers, the caldera of the volcano Uzon, on the Kuril lake

Payment for hotels

Supplement for day of stay in hotel - 3300 ₽ on the terms of a place in a 2 bed room.
For single occupancy surcharge: 12000 ₽ / person.
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