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You will have an opportunity, by trying yourself, to effect ascents and look into the craters of active volcanoes: Avacha (2741 m), Mutnovsky (2322 m) and Gorely (1829 m). Avacha Volcano is one of the most active of Kamchatka volcanoes.

Kamchatka in a week. Inexpensive and comfortable tour. A wonderful holiday-the Pacific ocean, Avacha Bay, active volcanoes and rest in thermal springs.

Active volcanoes of Kamchatka-Mutnovsky, Gorely, Avacha. Professional guides will introduce the young volcanism of Kamchatka.

Full of objects of active volcanism and meetings with representatives of the animal world Jeep tour across Kamchatka to the volcano Flat Tolbachik and watching bear fishing on the Kuril lake.

Profitable proposition. All inclusive. Klyuchevskoy Park, Sharp and Flat Tolbachik, BTTI lava fields, Tolbachinsky dol, new Tolbachinsky cones, Northern breakthrough, Dead Forest, lava caves.

Fascinating journey to the Kuril lake in the South Kamchatka nature reserve. Jeep tour in which you will see bear fishing, visit the pumiceous rocks - Kuthiny bahty and hydrothermal fields Pauzhetka.

During this tour you will see the monuments of nature of Kamchatka, including the Valley of Geysers, which is one of the 7 wonders of Russia!

This tour of Kamchatka will allow you to see the most unique places in a short time. During the tour, you will see from 13 to 20 nature monuments of Kamchatka, including the Valley of Geysers, Uzon, Kuril Lake, and fish in unique places where Kamchatka salmon compete for the first time to get caught on a hook. The tour takes place on the terms of individual lease of helicopters, boats, the use of the most comfortable transport.

Travel to the protected areas of Kamchatka by helicopter.

Tour Flight to the Valley of geysers and caldera of Uzon volcano. The wonder of Russia - the Valley of geysers and the Caldera of Uzon volcano, where the processes of modern ore and mineral formation occur, you will see during the tour.

After taking permission for flight fly via helicopter from Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskiy to Kurilskoe lake and land at the doorstep of a remote wilderness lodge in prime Kamchatka bear viewing country.

Participating in this tour you will be able to enjoy the impressions of fishing and the opportunity to observe the Kamchatka bears in their natural habitat.

A unique opportunity to combine sea and river fishing is provided to travelers on a comfortable catamaran! Ocean, rivers, lakes - all water resources for fishing on a 7 meter inflatable catamaran under a water jet engine.

Kamchatka. Tours, excursions, flights to the Valley of geysers and Kuril lake, climbing volcanoes.

On the way to the island, named after the birds Starikov, you will see - kekurs "Three brothers", bird markets, the nest of the white-shouldered eagle, eat crabs and caviar of sea urchins.

This tour is for lovers of marine elements. The reward can be different: from a caught perch to a meeting with killer whales. Along the way you will visit the following objects: Tikhaya Bay - Grandma's Island Stone - Stanitsky Cape - the Three Brothers Nature Monument, The Devil's Finger, Zavoyko Peninsula - Fr. Starichkov - Cape Kekurny, Russian Bay.

Excursion to the active Mutnovsky volcano. At which the most powerful fumarole fields and hydrothermal activity.

The tour gives you the opportunity to explore the active volcano crater, enjoy volcanic landscapes and a way to test your endurance.

Climbing to the extrusion of a Camel. Botanical tour of the Alpine meadows.

A simple climb - and you are at the top of the active volcano Gorelaya Sopka, which offers stunning views of the volcanic landscapes of the South of Kamchatka.

See the beautiful landscapes created by the glacier and tectonics; picturesque lake, waterfalls, you can visit the mountain range Vachkazhets.

Halaktyrsky beach on the Pacific ocean, is interesting for its black sand of volcanic origin. On the tour You will learn about the glorious pages of the history of Kamchatka.

Dacha springs-geothermal springs located at the foot of the Mutnovsky volcano-in the Northern part of the largest geothermal field in Russia, are three hours away from the capital of the region. They are located in a picturesque ravine, at the bottom and slopes of which a vapor-gas mixture escapes from the ground.

You will have the opportunity to get acquainted with the family of Semashkin Andrey and Anastasia. However, this is a nice, respectable couple created ethnographic complex "Snow dogs".

One-day ascent to Koryaksky volcano is not only an opportunity to test your fitness, but also quite a serious test, as well as the conquest of the highest point of the South of Kamchatka.

One-day ascent to Vilyuchinsky volcano will allow you to enjoy the beauty of the surrounding landscapes. The vast Pacific ocean to the East, Mutnovsky and Gorely volcanoes to the South, Avacha and Koryak volcanoes to the North and majestic Opal to the South

These excursions are designed for individual visits, during which you will not depend on the route of the group, and the staff will always adapt to your wishes.

This tour is recommended for those who want to get exclusive photos of the Valley of geysers.

After the flight to the place where the collapse of the construction of Mutnovsky volcano, which formed the entrance to the crater, you will take a 3 km walk in the crater of Mutnovsky volcano.

Individual VIP tour by helicopter to the protected area of the Kuril lake.

Flight to the valley of geysers with a visit to the Caldera of Uzon volcano (VIP)

By car you will make a trip to the crater of active volcanoes Mutnovsky and Gorely. Alternatively you can visit the Country of sources and the upper-Mutnovsky fumarolic fields.

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