During this tour you will visit:
Sightseeing tour of Petropavlovsk - Sea excursion to Starichkov island - Halaktyr beach of the Pacific coast - Silver stream - Upper Paratunsky springs - Vilyuchinsky pass - Gorely volcano - Dangerous canyon - Mutnovsky volcano - Natural thermal springs.
A weekly tour for those who have a dream to look into the crater of a volcano, touch the waters of the Pacific Ocean, try crabs on excursions along Avacha Bay, visit the Valley of Geysers, but there is only one free week for everything.
During the whole tour you will be accompanied by our employees:
tour guide, two guides, cook, driver.
7 days / 6 nights
Medium difficulty
Age 5+
Up to 22 people
Accommodation - 3 days hotel, 3 days hostel with thermal pool
Tour Map
Day 1
Day 1
At the airport, you are met by a representative of the tour operator. You get things. It usually takes 30-50 minutes. After receiving the luggage, you move to the hotel, where you stay in the rooms. On the first day, you have free time, which you can devote to exploring the surroundings, go to the top of the Target Hill, and visit the fish market, which is not far from the hotel. It is a hard day because of the time difference to which you gradually get used.
Day 2
Day 2
You have breakfast early, because at 8-00 you meet with the guide of the company, who accompanies you on an excursion by boat on the Avachinskaya bay. During the 5-6 hour sea voyage, you will see the Three Brothers nature monuments - the famous rocks at the entrance to Avacha Bay, one of the main symbols of the bay and Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky and approach the nature monument on Starichkov Island. The island is known for its bird bazaars, here are nesting colonies of seabirds, two of which, the red-faced cormorant and the old man, after whom the island is named, are listed in the Red Book. On the top of the rock "Babi Stone" they often see white-shouldered eagles. You will have the opportunity to fish in the Silent Bay, and the cook will cook your ear from it.
The tour will end with a walk through the historic center of the oldest city in the Far East and a visit to observation platforms on the hill of Petrovskaya and Nikolskaya.
Day 3
Day 3
After breakfast, your things will be loaded onto a comfortable, highly-passable vehicle based on a KAMAZ truck. Accompanied by a guide, you move to the Pacific coast, to the Khalaktyr beach (black volcanic sand). Halaktyrsky beach - the shore of the Avachinsky Bay. The peculiarity of the beach is pure black sand of titanomagnetite origin. Berryberries (lingonberry, siksha, and stone berry) around the beach, wild rosewood, birchwood, cedarwood. This place, washed by the waters of the Pacific, is a border zone for this reason, on the coast visible trenches and dugouts. After you have dipped your hand into the waters of the Pacific, saying hello and goodbye, your path will be sent from the country of the cold sea to the country of active volcanoes and hot thermal waters. After moving to the base with a thermal pool, you will be accommodated and dined.
After dinner and swimming in the thermal pool in the schedule is a "dream".
Day 4
Day 4
Meeting day with an active volcano. After breakfast, taking snacks, a bottle of water, necessary things on the volcano, you will go south. The path is not long, but while you go, the guide will tell you about Kamchatka volcanism, tectonics, nature and the animal world. The car will stop at the foot of Gorely volcano (1829 m), then you are accompanied by a guide to make an ascent (depending on the situation on the volcano and the weather) or an alternative visit to the caves of Gorely volcano or the waterfall near Spoky stream (Spring Base). Those who find it difficult to climb with a group will always be able to stay with a guide who will conduct thematic excursions about Alpine vegetation and introduce them to the local Tarbagans - black-capped marmots. In the evening, return to the base, where you will dine and swim in the pool with thermal hot water..
Day 5
Day 5
The day is difficult, but when else can you visit the "hell". So, our tourist called the crater of the Mutnovsky volcano.
The volcano is the proud owner of the most powerful in Kamchatka and, possibly, in the world of fumarole fields. This was one of the reasons that at the foot of the volcano, the largest at the moment geothermal energy facilities - Verkhne-Mutnovskaya GeoES and Mutnovskaya GeoES were built. So that the volcano is a true friend of the locals, supplying homes with electricity and heat. If you pass from the GeoPP through a ravine with steep walls, then you will find Dachny sources - several heated grounds, from which steam streams break out, steam boilers bubble. At the bottom, on the ledge of the right-bank slope, a large boiler boils, from which strong jets of steam are pulled out. Slightly upstream, almost in the mainstream, beats a powerful steam-and-water fountain. Everyone can visit the Summer Springs, because the road in summer is accessible to any transport,
For those who wish, there will be a walking tour to the crater of the Mutnovsky volcano. The path passes in the immediate vicinity of volcanic emissions, powerful sulfur vapors and ammonia. Therefore, this is the most difficult place for tourists to pass one by one, accompanied by a guide, with extreme caution.
To get to the crater, it is enough just to go in a spiral-traverse to the crater building fault. Here everything boils, smokes and gurgles. Fumaroles are clearly visible, the outlets of which are framed by volcanic sulfur. Some of them are observed sulfur domes up to 2.5 m in height and up to 5 m in diameter.
At the entrance to the crater, on an elevation and away from the fumarolic fields, you will have time to have a snack and get some rest.
Closer to the Vulkanaya River, which cuts the crater bottom, forms a powerful 80-meter waterfall, and below forms a deep canyon - the Dangerous ravine, water and mud pots are noted and the formation of marcasite, sulfur, etc. minerals is noted. and ranks with other post-volcanic manifestations of the world.
And although the river is fed by glaciers that are intensively melting in summer, it contains sulfurous and sulfuric acids, which give the water a muddy, grayish-yellow color and a bitter taste. The concentration of aggressive chemicals is such that p. The muddy, into which Vulkannaya empties, to the ocean itself becomes lifeless.
The canyon and the waterfall give the volcano a unique aesthetic value and, along with other criteria, place it among the world's nature monuments. A powerful glacier descends from the eastern crater down to the river, forming fantastic fantastic figures while melting.
Journey to the crater of the volcano will require the entire daylight hours. Get back to base you're late.
Day 6
Day 6
After breakfast and swimming in the thermal pool, tourists can relax before lunch and then go to the city to visit the fish market. Those wishing to make a flight to the Valley of Geysers, individually move to a heliport for a flight, after which they will return to spend the night at the hotel. All will spend the night in a hotel in the city.
Day 7
Day 7
After breakfast - transfer to the airport. You will return home at the same time. Eight hours of travel and eight hours of time difference will create this fabulous effect.
62000 ₽
Dates 2021
June :
July : 4, 11, 18, 25
August : 1, 8, 15, 22, 29
September : 5
Features of the tour
Professional staff on the route
The combination of outdoor activities and overnight stays "under the roof"
Comfortable transportation with the group during the whole tour
Required equipment
The most important thing in traveling is good shoes. You will walk a lot on different surfaces: slag, lava, snow, sand, etc. Therefore, you will need different shoes.
  1. For walks and ascents - well-worn trekking boots (such as Gore-tex) on a thick, corrugated sole, fixing the ankle .
  2. In July, we strongly recommend taking rubber boots on a grooved sole for hiking in the snow.
  3. Comfortable shoes for walking around the city.
  4. Rubber slates, comfortable when bathing in thermal pools.
  1. The most convenient principle in clothing - "cabbage" or "onion" - consists in combining: ajacket (waterproof Waterproof and a windproof Wind block), a fleece jacket, a vest, a T-shirt.
  2. Gloves will need windproof.
  3. Cap.
  4. You will often swim in various thermal pools along the way, so do not forget bathing suits, towels.
  5. Socks are better to buy in specialized stores.
Other necessary things
  1. Sunglasses with high eye protection.
  2. Sunburn cream of high order for the face and hands from burns in the mountains.
  3. Remedy for mosquitoes and midges. We have practically no ticks. Fixed single bites within the city.
  4. Personal hygiene products: soap, shampoo, toothpaste, etc.
  5. Recommended for trips on snow and slag "gaiter" or "flashlights."
  6. Trekking sticks. They can be rented (100 rubles per round).
  7. Raincoat.
Individual first aid kit
Drugs you need personally.
Backpack 15-20 liters
In which your belongings will be placed upon - ascension (sandwiches, water, spare items for climbing). Bag or suitcase in which baggage will travel.
Flashlight headlamp
It will take at night at the tourist base.

  • Transfers included on the day of arrival and departure, according to the schedule of arrivals
  • Accommodation on the terms of a place in a 2-bed room in the hotel, at the base; place in a tourist house on Avachinsky volcano
  • 3 meals a day on the route. For stays in hotels only breakfast is provided, dinners are self-paid.
  • Guides, cook, tour guide, driver on the route
  • Tours

  • Flights to the Valley of Geysers, on the Kuril Lake

Recommendation. Those who wish to take a helicopter tour to the Valley of Geysers or to the Kurilskoye Lake should provide additional days when purchasing tickets.

Payment for hotels

Supplement for day of stay in hotel - 3300 ₽ on the terms of a place in a 2 bed room
For single occupancy surcharge: 12 000 ₽
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