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Tolbachik volcano
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4 days
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Пещера Большая
During the tour you will:
Profitable proposition. All inclusive. Klyuchevskoy Park, Sharp and Flat Tolbachik, BTTI lava fields, Tolbachinsky dol, new Tolbachinsky cones, Northern breakthrough, Dead Forest, Zvezda cone, lava caves.
  • 4 days / 3 nights
  • Medium difficulty
  • Minimum age 7+
  • Group up to 4 people - Jeep, up to 15 - KAMAZ (truck -6WD)
  • Accommodation:
    3 nights - Tolbachik - camp sites, tents. Additional payment - wooden lodge or glamping;
  • Transport - Jeep / KAMAZ (truck)
There are still places left:
Guaranteed tour dates 2024
Arrivals: Sunday, Thursday. Check-in is possible by agreement on Monday, Friday.
To make a reservation, select the date of arrival
06.08 - 09.08
99 000 р
75 000 р
22.07 - 25.07
14.08 - 17.08
75 000 р

Accommodation in a tent camp.

glamp surcharge (only upon early request) - 5000 rubles place / night
An expedition to the north. Departure to the central part of Kamchatka in the area of Flat Tolbachik. Transfer to the north 600 km with a stop for lunch in the village of Milkovo. Exit from the federal highway. Stop for tea on the Studenaya river. Moving off-road (80 km - 4-6 hours, depending on the condition of the road) to Tolbachinsky Dol.
For VIP group: check-in in cabins for 2-4 people. Dinner with Kamchatka delicacies. Since the group does not waste time setting up camp, there is additional time for an evening hour-long walk around the neighborhood before dark.
For a standard group: campsite. Participants set up tents. Supper.For those who wish (6-7 people in a group), there is the possibility of accommodation in a glamping in the "Dead Forest". The name of the part of the foot of the volcano is Plosky Tolbachik, in which lava and slag from the 1975-76 eruptions covered the scorched surface, leaving only dry tree trunks in sight. Now. Gradually, the surface comes to life - young shoots of trees, shrubs and alpine flowers appear.
Day 1
Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky ~ Tolbachik.
Рассвет на Толбачике
Река Камчатка
Дорога на Толбачик
Толбачинский долл
The transition to the foot of the volcano is Flat Tolbachik (3080 m). An introduction to the consequences of the 2012-13 eruption, which resulted in the formation of new volcanic cones surrounded by endless fields of lava and slag. If the weather is favorable, the group will climb the Plosky Tolbachik volcano. Climbing (round trip 10-12 hours). Inspection of the crater. Let's walk another 200 meters and see the giant volcanoes of the Klyuchevskaya group.
If there is bad weather on this day, then we carry out the program of the third day and postpone the ascent to the next day.
Day 2
Climbing the Flat Tolbachik.
На тропе восхождения
Вершина Плоского Толбачика
Лавовые поля
Кратер вулкана Толбачик
We will hurry to visit the caves that arose as a result of the 2012-2013 eruption and still store the warmth of the earth. Caves cool down and colored stalactites and stalagmites collapse. Until recently, it was possible to keep warm in caves or quickly dry out during bad weather. The temperature was like in a sauna - up to 100 C. Next, we will visit the objects of the "Dead Forest", the natural monument "Zvezda", climb the northern cones of the BTTI 1975-1976. (height 200-300 m). In good weather, it offers a view of the lava flows of the Southern Breakthrough, located 28 km to the south.
Day 3
Dead Forest ~ The Cone of the Northern Breakthrough ~ Caves.
Дикая малина
Конус 2
Толбачинский долл
Breakfast. Departure to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky. Lunch in the village of Milkovo. If there is time left, then we stop in Malki and relax in hot puddles on the banks of a mountain river. Later we return to the city of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky.
Day 4
Return to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky.
Мост через Камчатку
Река Студеная
Мертвый лес
Река Камчатка
Tour price
75 000 ₽ per person
99 000 rubles / person. VIP tour
75 000 rubles / person. standard version
from 69 000 rubles / person. tour for a group of 14+ people (on KAMAZ)
The price of the VIP tour from 06.08.2024 includes:
  • accommodation in cabins for 2-4 people - 3 night
  • stransportation
  • services guide and cook
  • services meals (Kamchatka delicacies - caviar, crabs) on the route and lunches on the way to the village of Milkovo
  • camping equipment
  • permission to visit Klyuchevsky Park

The price of a standart tour includes:
  • accommodation in tent
  • stransportation
  • services guide and cook
  • services meals on the route and in the village of Milkovo
  • camping equipment (tents, tables, dishes)
  • permission to visit Klyuchevsky Park
The price does not include:
  • Flights to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky
  • Accommodation in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky
Secrets of the flat Tolbachik volcano
Klyuchevskoy Park, Sharp and Flat Tolbachik, BTTI lava fields, Tolbachinsky dol, new Tolbachinsky cones, Northern breakthrough, Dead Forest, lava caves.
Necessary equipment
The most important thing in traveling is good shoes. You will walk a lot on different surfaces: slag, lava, snow, sand, etc. Therefore, you will need different shoes.
  1. For walking and climbing, well-worn trekking boots (Gore-tex type) with thick, corrugated soles that fix the ankle.
  2. Comfortable sneakers for walking in places of residence and during travel.
  3. Rubber slates for bathing in thermal springs.
  1. The most convenient principle in clothing - "cabbage" or "onion" - consists in combining: a jacket (waterproof and windproof Wind block), a fleece jacket, a vest, a T-shirt.
  2. Windproof and waterproof pants and jacket.
  3. The gloves are windproof.
  4. A hat.
  5. You will swim in the thermal springs along the way, so do not forget bathing suits and towels.
  6. It is better to buy socks in specialized stores.
Other necessary things
  1. Sunglasses with a high level of eye protection.
  2. A high-order sunscreen for face and hands from burns in the mountains.
  3. A remedy for mosquitoes and midges.
  4. Personal hygiene products: soap, shampoo, toothpaste, etc.
  5. We recommend "gaiters" or "lanterns" for hiking in snow and slag.
  6. Trekking sticks ( free of charge).
  7. Sleeping bag ( issued free of charge).
  8. Raincoat.
  9. The bag or suitcase in which the luggage will travel.
Individual first aid kit
Drugs you need personally.

Backpack 15-20 liters.
Which will contain your belongings during the ascent (sandwiches, water, spare things for climbing).
Flashlight (regular or forehead)
It will be needed at night at the tourist base and in caves.
Habitation: standard tents, glamp request
VIP Tour accommodation
Best Regards
Stefan Piel
Email: s****l@knorr-bremse.com
23.08.2010, 18:11, "Piel, Stefan"

Dear Inna

I am back to Beijing, back to work. Thank you very much for the good organized tour. Everything was fine, the schedule kept as planned. I have climbed all volcanos, saw a bear, and saw a lot of other wildlife. And I saw lot of green nature. I am really impressed of the beauty of kamchatka.

All in all this was a wonderful trip, thank you very much for all your efforts. If someone ask me about the trip I will recommend you definitely.

Cheers, Stefan
PASSPORT OF THE TOURIST ROUTE No. 1 through the territory of the Klyuchevskoy Nature Park"IN THE WAKE OF RECENT ERUPTIONS"
PASSPORT OF THE TOURIST ROUTE No. 2 on the territory of the Klyuchevskoy Nature Park"CLIMBING THE TOLBACHIK PLATEAU"
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