Obukhova Inna Yuryevna
Lawyer, translator (English, German)
Guide. It easily conquers any volcano, instilling confidence in the group, and its stories make the path shorter and more interesting.
Manager. She is engaged in meetings at the airport, helps to organize free time, sign up for an optional excursion.
Tour Leader
Tatyana Alekseevna
Guide. Knows every flower "in person". He writes books for guides, guides, trains young employees in our company and at city seminars for Kamchatka tourism industry.
Guide. Our volcanologist-loving, called her tourists. A positive attitude, love for Kamchatka, an ascetic ability to answer questions even at night, perhaps in a dream, is its unique feature.
Tatyana Vladlenovna
Guide, translator (English), candidate of historical sciences. A rare gift is interesting to tell about the history of Kamchatka. Cook, La Perouse, Vitus Bering are transformed from historical guests into animated personalities.
Guide. Inspirer of not only tourists, but also Kamchatka residents on cycling trips, yoga classes.
Cook. In your reviews, burgers, porridges, pancakes, compote of ginger and cinnamon, cakes with decorations of real volcanic flowers are her wonderful inventions.
Cook. Quick and tasty - its motto.
Cook. The recipes of her cheesecakes and pies are taken home. Vkuuuusno, well, very - one review!
Cook. Picnic on the ocean, in the crater of the volcano. "Food should be both tasty and beautiful." That tartar is not so much a sauce, but we also learned dishes from meat and fish, seafood only from Constantine!
Guide, translator (English, French), MSIC. In winter - skiing, in the summer interesting routes. A caring fairy of our foreign guests.
Guide, CCM. Outwardly fragile, physically strong and durable, instill confidence in everyone and help to conquer any peak.
Guide. Knowing, reliable. "Behind him is like behind a stone wall".
Guide, CMS Positive, aspiring to knowledge, intelligent. With his stories, the road becomes shorter.
Guide. Reliable, knowledgeable. With it you can safely travel to all corners of Kamchatka.
Guide. If the group laughs, then Vitalik is somewhere. Fun about the difficult - his credo.
Guide. The nature of the Nordic. He graduated from university in St. Petersburg and returned home. Can't live without fishing and the mountains of Kamchatka.
Guide. After working with tourists, he also rests in the mountains. During the eruption of Gorely volcano, he worked with tourists during the day, and rested at night - he ran to the volcano for the second time to see what a crater looks like at nighttime.
Guide, mountaineer, conqueror of Everest. He has active Kamchatka categorical volcanoes - Klyuchevskaya Sopka, Vlk. Stone, volcanoes of the Kuril Islands.
Guide. He led our groups at the beginning of the century.
Guide. He loves Kamchatka. Responsibly accompanies the group. Mother - our cook Svetlana - can be proud of him.
to work with a group
Driver. Excellent driver, knows where to drive, so as not to get stuck in the snow in August.
Driver. Organizes the smooth operation of transport on our routes.
Vasily Stepanovich
Driver-fan. Machine "Stepanycha" passes everywhere!
Kamchatka Travel Company GRAND
In 2002, we organized our travel company to share our love for Kamchatka with you. On this domain in the same year, the first version of the site was published - a beautiful page with honeysuckle and national ornaments - "sun". Became tour operators. At the beginning of our activity, we actively participated in the organization of the annual Beringia dog sled race. In 2006, we organized for the first time a helicopter VIP tour for the international company Boeing, and in 2012 we already held a corporate team building for Lukoil. In 2014, our tour "Getting to Kamchatka" won the Grand Prix of the All-Russian Tourist Award "Route of the Year 2014" in the nomination "The Best Adventure Tourist Route". We position ourselves as the tour operator focused on the organization of comfortable rest in the territory of Kamchatka Krai.

Tours across Kamchatka, which we organize, are oriented to any age and physical abilities. We offer excursion programs, organization of corporate leisure; We work in the field of group and individual VIP tourism.
For operational work on the increased demand for the excursion direction and cost optimization in 2017, we transferred part of the excursion service work to our structural unit to the authorized representative in the Kamchatka Territory - IP Poutianin V.E. The whole complex of optimization measures, which only improve the quality of our tourist product, has led to the fact that we have not been raising prices for our programs for 3 years, making them affordable for you. They are designed for any physical abilities, allow you to pay for tours under a flexible scheme, structurally include the best objects to visit. On tours for you, our wonderful staff are real professionals. They are our secret to success.
Every company has an idea, mission, purpose of creation:
We live in Kamchatka, and many were born here. But we all love her, because we travel a lot, we want to share her beauty, these amazing places with other travel lovers.

We understand that for many people visiting Kamchatka is probably the only opportunity in life to meet a dream: people take tickets in advance, postpone "savings on vacation."

Therefore, we always fulfill our obligations, and we do not have the concept of "the group has not gathered."
The only factor that is beyond our control is the weather.
The Kamchatka weather is very changeable - sunny morning can be replaced by thick fog or dining rain. But the weather only affects our helicopter programs. All other excursions are carried out exactly on schedule. And only the client can decide whether to participate in the event of the day or stay in a hotel.
Our groups are usually accompanied by two guides.
So that everyone will return to the base camp on time, because we understand that not all of our clients are athletes, many lead a normal urban lifestyle, but also want to see the maximum amount of beauty in Kamchatka. Our chefs are trying to deal with a sad rainy mood with buns, pies and pancakes, which they probably magically create on the route.
For Kamchatka, professionalism and responsibility of employees is very important.
After all, only here beauty is adjacent to fumaroles, the temperature in which is from 300 to 600 C, "the left is a cliff, and the right is a precipice" is also about Kamchatka. Therefore, for many years the team of highly professional guides (guides, climbers, tourists, climbers, fishermen, cooks!) Shows you our land, saving your life and health.
And as far as we can do it, the Internet can be told by an uncompromising keeper of tourist reviews: You can see some reviews here!
We wish you health, happiness and financial prosperity, which will help you realize your dream
and come to Kamchatka!