One day sightseeing tours

designed for tourists who assess the level of their physical capabilities.
Multi-day programs are created for those who trust specialists in the matter of choosing activities and the procedure for their implementation.
One-day tours are recommended for tourists who clearly assess the level of their physical capabilities.
What is the difference between a set of excursions and multi-day tours.

1. The complexity.
One-day programs, as a rule, are carried out in the format of jeep options, 4-6 people are accompanied by one guide. Therefore, tourists should move on walking tours and ascend at the same pace. As a rule, if at least one person cannot keep up the pace, then the whole group returns. Leaving tourists unattended is prohibited by safety precautions.
On multi-day routes, 3 employees work with the group and everyone can choose their level of difficulty in performing the activity of the day. A fast or medium pace of climbing with two guides or an alternative guided tour at the foot of the volcano.

2. Nutrition.
On excursions, lunch in the form of lunch boxes is offered. (Tourists organize their own breakfast and dinner).
Meals on multi-day routes - 3 single meals.
3. The speed of movement.
In jeeps, a group arrives at volcanoes at least 30 minutes earlier.

4. Variability.
On multi-day tours, the program is fixed.
On excursions you can draw up the desired program yourself.

5. Risks.
Multi-day programs are carried out by us with any number of participants.
Experience shows that performers of jeep excursions - "jeepers" can sometimes cancel excursions if the group is not recruited (this happens, of course, not in the "high season") or the car (jeep) breaks down. In this case, payment to tourists is fully refunded. 100% fulfillment, as a rule, is guaranteed for a group of 4 people.

6. Prices.
The price level of programs when choosing the same options will be the same.

7. Special conditions.
If you cancel a day trip later than 12:00 of the day of the previous excursion, a penalty of -100% will be charged, if you cancel a helicopter tour - 60%.

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