These excursions are designed for individual visits, in which you will not depend on the group's route, and the staff will always adapt to your wishes.
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Corporate tourism and VIP vacation in Kamchatka.

Since our work since 2002, we have organized thousands of tourists in Kamchatka. Among our clients are well-known companies, distinguished figures of science, culture and politics. One of our last works is the organization of the Far Eastern expedition "Lukoil Overseas" on the territory of Kamchatka and a business game for the company's employees. We are ready to hold for you in Kamchatka a conference, business game, team building.
Services we organize:
Booking accommodation in hotels, recreation centers of Kamchatka, for our groups
VIP Car Transfers
Helicopter and boat rental
VIP tours and excursions in individual format
These excursions are designed for individual visits, during which you will not depend on the route of the group, and the staff will always adapt to your wishes.

So, you can not just visit the Valley of Geysers, but explore in detail its geysers, pulsating springs, mud pots and wait until the Giant Geyser erupts, the height of the jet rises to 25 meters during the eruption, and the steam to an altitude of 300 meters. Unfortunately, the geyser has a giant eruption cycle - 6 hours and regular groups do not always see this spectacular spectacle.

And there are many such moments in Kamchatka. We are all different and we all want different things. There are tourists active in life and leisure, ready to run around all the craters and caves, take photos from both north and south. There are those who come slowly to admire and contemplate. An individual format will allow the first to see all the active funnels of the Mutnovsky crater, light the lights in ice caves, take a picture of the 80-meter Falls of the Opasny canyon on the Vulkannaya River, and the second, while walking through volcanic landscapes, listen to interesting stories from guides about volcanism and tectonics, get acquainted with the flora and fauna of places.

The size of the group in these excursions is determined by the client. We prepare programs for any number of tourists. For groups of 1-2 people, we organize flights by Robinson helicopter, for groups of up to 4-8 people by Eurocopter helicopter (EUROCOPTER). From 8 people on Mi-8, Mt-8MT, MI-8 MT VIP. Although the choice of brand helicopter - the privilege of the tourist.

The cook team will take into account your dietary preferences. Dishes are prepared from ecologically clean Kamchatka vegetables, wild plants, fish and meat, Kamchatka delicacies. Take into account the wishes of the vegetarian menu.

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