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During the tour you will:
  • Visit 10 treasures of nature in the 150 km neighborhood to the city of Petropavlovsk – Kamchatsky.
  • Stay in cozy hotels with thermal water pools (including 3 nights in the well-known Soviet health resort «Nachiki»).
  • Feel comfortable during the ascent: no special physical pre-training to carry a heavy luggage is needed: the group is transferred by truck close to the sights to the extent possible (thus ascending is possible with a handbag).
  • You can expect an individual approach at ascent (the group is supported by 3 tour guides, leading at different paces. For those, who prefer not to ascend, one of the guides stays and provides an alternative excursion at the foot of the volcano).
  • Stay in a comfortable group size (usually 1 guide per each small subgroup of 7-10 tourists).
  • Enjoy excursions on volcanology, tectonics, flora & fauna and traditions of the natives.
  • Optionally – you can have a time for extra helicopter or boat excursions (if you arrive a day before the tour starts).


City tour - Historical center of Petropavlovsk - Viewing platform on Petrovskaya and Nikolskaya hills - Russian Bay (optional boat excursion) - Coast of the Pacific ocean (Khalaktyrsky beach) - Rock and river Khalaktyrka - Zaykin Klyuch cold stream - Foot of Avachinsky and Koryaksky Volcanoes - Camel extrusion - Verkhne-Paratunsky thermal springs or waterfall at Babi Kamen mountain - Vilyuchinsky pass - Viewing platformon on Vilyuchinsky volcano - Mutnovsky volcano - Dachnye springs and fumarole fields - Gorely volcano (ascending or caves and lava flows) - Thermal field in Malki village - Vachkazhets mountain range - River Bystraya - Monument ‘Bears’ in Yelizovo town.

During the whole tour you will be accompanied by our employees:
tour guide, two guides, driver.
9 days/ 8 nights
Low difficulty
Age 5+
Approx. 22 tourists
2 nights- hotel in Petropavlovsk_Kamchatsky
2 nights- hotel "Karymshino-park",
3 nights- health resort "Nachiki",
1 night - hotel in Yelizovo town (3 km from the airport and near the local fish market)
Itinerary may be rearranged

This tour includes comfortable accommodation

No need for tents or heavy backpacks

Day 1
Day 1
Arriving at the airport of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky. Meeting with a representative of the company, transfer to the hotel. Free time.
(Included: meeting, transfer, hotel)
Day 2
Day 2
Option 1: flight to the Valley of Geysers or to the Kuril lake.
Option 2: excursion to the Russkaya Bay.
(Included: hotel, breakfast and optional tour paid additional upon arrival).
For taking both tours, arrive a day earlier.
Day 3
Day 3
Excursion along the shore of the Khalaktyrskiy beach on the Pacific coast, a cup of tea by the ocean. Sightseeing tour of the city. Lunch. Transfer to the hotel with a thermal pool. Swimming in the pool.
(Included: breakfast, excursions, lunch, hotel with thermal pool, dinner).
Day 4
Day 4
Transfer to the foot of the Mutnovsky volcano. Ascending the Dachnye springs (fields of geothermal activity – mud pots, pulsating springs, fumaroles). Walk to the waterfalls.
(Included: breakfast, hotel with thermal pool, lunch, excursions, dinner)
Day 5
Day 5
Transfer to the foot of Gorely volcano (about 800m). Ascent to the top (1829m). Lunch after the returning to the foot of the volcano. For those who decide not to ascend – alternative excursion to the «cinder cones and caves of Gorely volcano», during which you probably will see Kamchatka black – capped marmots («tarbagans»). Transfer to the resort «Nachiki». You can take bathsat the springs there produce a healing, relaxing and strengthening effect (well-known in the Soviet times – there was a health resort of all-Union level) for 15 minutes in the morning and evening. Especial healing effect was detected for osteochondrosis, diseases of the muscular system, lesions of the peripheral nervous system, gynecological diseases, skin diseases and ENT-diseases,. Thus swimming in the health resort every day improves health significantly.
(Included: breakfast, excursions, lunch, resort with thermal pool, dinner).
Day 6
Day 6
Transfer to the river Bystraya. One stop in the village of Sokochi (tea with local pies). Visit to the Malki thermal springs field, taking thermal baths, recreation. There hot thermal water mixes with the cold waters from the mountain river and becomes pleasant for swimming. Lunch. Transfer to rafting. Return to the resort.
(Included: breakfast, excursion, lunch, resort with thermal pool, dinner).
Day 7
Day 7
A trip to the Vachkazhetsthe pearl of the Yuzhno – Bystrinsky mountain range, made by the art of glacier and tectonics. Observation: glacial terrain, glacier valleys, lakes and waterfalls. Lake Toktoloch was formed by the melt water streams of the mountain complex and now is surrounded by stone-birch forest, succeeded by tundra. Visit to the waterfalls. Return to the resort.
(Included: breakfast, excursion, lunch, resort with thermal pool, dinner).
Day 8
Day 8
Morning- Swim in the thermal pool. Transfer to the foot of the Avachinsky volcano. Walk to the «Camel» extrusion at a comfortable pace through the Alpine fields of Avachinsky volcano. Lunch. Transfer to Yelizovo town. Overnight stay in a hotel located 3 km from the airport and 300 m from the local fish market, where you can buy delicious gifts and souvenirs, if you want.
(Included: breakfast, tour, lunch, hotel).
Day 9
Day 9
Transfer to the airport.
(Included: breakfast, airport transfer).
1710 €
1710 (per person) - for 2 pax in multy-national group
with interpreter
1590 € (per person) - from 4 pax in multy-national group with interpreter

The minimum group size available for booking is
2 persons.

Dates 2021
Dates marked in red are occupied - no vacancies.
Тур "Знакомство с Камчаткой комфорт максимум плюс"
Даты тура: 04.07 - 12.07.2021
Стоимость: 83000 руб.
Тур "Знакомство с Камчаткой комфорт максимум плюс"
Даты тура: 11.07 - 19.07.2021
Стоимость: 83000 руб.
Тур "Знакомство с Камчаткой комфорт максимум плюс"
Даты тура: 18.07 - 26.07.2021
Стоимость: 83000 руб.
Тур "Знакомство с Камчаткой комфорт максимум плюс"
Даты тура: 25.07 - 02.08.2021
Стоимость: 83000 руб.
Тур "Знакомство с Камчаткой комфорт максимум плюс"
Даты тура: 01.08 - 09.08.2021
Стоимость: 83000 руб.
Тур "Знакомство с Камчаткой комфорт максимум плюс"
Даты тура: 08.08 - 16.08.2021
Стоимость: 83000 руб.
Тур "Знакомство с Камчаткой комфорт максимум плюс"
Даты тура: 15.08 - 23.08.2021
Стоимость: 83000 руб.
Тур "Знакомство с Камчаткой комфорт максимум плюс"
Даты тура: 22.08 - 30.08.2021
Стоимость: 83000 руб.
Тур "Знакомство с Камчаткой комфорт максимум плюс"
Даты тура: 29.08 - 06.08.2021
Стоимость: 83000 руб.
Нажимая кнопку "Отправить" Вы предоставляете свое согласие на обработку Ваших персональных данных.
Тур "Знакомство с Камчаткой комфорт максимум плюс"
Даты тура: 05.09 - 13.09.2021
Стоимость: 83000 руб.
Тур "Знакомство с Камчаткой комфорт максимум плюс"
Даты тура: 12.09 - 20.09.2021
Стоимость: 83000 руб.
Features of the tour
Professional staff on the route
The combination of outdoor activities and overnight stays "under the roof"
Comfortable transportation with the group during the whole tour
6 days of the tour - free access to thermal hot springs, unlimited bathing in the morning and in the evening
Required equipment
The most important thing in traveling is good shoes. You will walk a lot on different surfaces: slag, lava, snow, sand, etc. Therefore, you will need different shoes.
  1. For walks and ascents - well-worn trekking boots (such as Gore-tex) on a thick, corrugated sole, fixing the ankle .
  2. In July, we strongly recommend taking rubber boots on a grooved sole for hiking in the snow.
  3. Comfortable shoes for walking around the city.
  4. Rubber slates, comfortable when bathing in thermal pools.
1. The most convenient principle in clothing - "cabbage" or "onion" - consists in combining: ajacket (waterproof Waterproof and a windproof Wind block), a fleece jacket, a vest, a T-shirt.
2. Gloves will need windproof.
3. Cap.
4. You will often swim in various thermal pools along the way, so do not forget bathing suits, towels .
5. Socks that do not rub or get wet, it is better to buy in specialized stores.
Other necessary things
1. Sunglasses with high eye protection.
2. High order sunburn cream for face and hands from burns in the mountains.
3. Remedy for mosquitoes and midges. We have practically no ticks. Fixed single bites within the city.
4. Personal hygiene products: soap, shampoo, toothpaste, etc.
5. We recommend "hiking" or "flashlights" for walking on snow and slag so that nothing gets into the boots.
6. Trekking sticks. They can be rented (100 rubles per round).
7. Raincoat (optional).
Individual first aid kit
Drugs you need personally.

Backpack 15-20 liters.
In which will be your things when climbing: sandwiches, water, spare things. Bag or suitcase in which baggage will travel.
Flashlight (regular or forehead)
It will be useful at night at the tourist base.
LODGING: Geyser, Karymshino Park, Nachiki, Yelizovo
What's Included

  • Meeting at the airport on the days of arrival and departure according to the program.
  • Transfers to/from the airport on arrival and departure days as in the schedule. Notice! In case of arrival/departure in the days other than in general program individual transfers are charged extra.
  • Lodging:
2 nights - hotel in Petropavlovsk - Kamchatskiy (hotel «Geyser» or similar),
2 nights - comfort «Karymshina Park» hotel with thermal pool nearby the Goryachaya hill or similar,
3 nights – «Nachiki» health resort,
1 night - hotel in Yelizovo town located 3 km from the airport to visit the market before departing.
  • 3 meals a day on the route. Breakfast when staying in hotels in the city. Notice! Meals are not provided on the day of arrival.
  • Guides, cook, excursion guide on the route.
  • All excursions in the program: city tour, visit to the black volcanic sand beach of Khalaktyrskiy coast, visit to the upper Paratunka springs, Dachnye springs (alternative – Mutnovsky volcano), Gorely volcano (alternative - caves and cinder cones of Gorely volcano), Vachkazhets mountain range, volcanic extrusion Camel, Bystraya river rafting, Malki thermal field of hot springs.
What's Not Included

  • An optional tour on the second day of the program if selected at the time of booking the tour.
  • Personal travel insurance (recommended).


is available from 2 persons and after receiving: copies of tourists air tickets (we recognize the purchase of tickets as confirming the tourists' intention to participate in the tour); or making a prepayment – 30% of the tour price.
Cancellation. If the tourist cancels the confirmed tour more than 30 calendar days before the sheduled start date, the tourist will be charged the tour operator's expenses, estimated as -5% of the tour price; from 14 to 30 days - 30% of the tour price; from 3 to 14 days - 50% of the tour price; less than 3 days-90% of the tour package price.

for 2 pax inmulty-national group with interpreter 1710 Euro per person;
from 4 pax in multy-national group with interpreter 1590 Euro

Important: the tour starts when we receive 100% payment in cash or deposited to our bank account. Notice that the payment to the bank account should be fulfilled beforehand (due to the necessary time for deposit to the account).

Attention! Due to the accommodation facilities: if you are traveling alone and the number of tourists in the group doesn’t allow to find a roommate for you, the surcharge is 400 Euro (as for a single accommodation).
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