Bears on the Kuril Lake


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During this tour you will visit:
Sokochinsky pie paradise - Malkinsky hot springs - the coast of the Sea of Okhotsk - Pauzhetka - valley of the Seven Homules - cascade "Emerald" - thermal bath "Second Life" - Ozernaya river - Kutkhiny bata - Kurilskoye lake - Nachiki.
Active adventure jeep tour. Sea of Okhotsk; places where geysers lived Pauzhetki, thermal fields, Kuril Lake, bear fishing.
4 days / 3 nights
Medium difficulty
Minimum age 7+
Group up to 4 people - Jeep, up to 10 - KAMAZ
Accommodation - hotel, camp sites, private sector
Transport - Jeep / KAMAZ
Tour Map
Pauzhetka tents / private sector - 3 nights.
Day 1
Day 1
Early departure to the coast of the sea of Okhotsk (named after the flowing river – hunting). One of the earliest names of the sea is Kamchatka. From the Peninsula, the coast is a low-lying surface with black sand, of volcanic origin, the coastline of which is slightly indented. The road to the village of Oktyabrsky passes along the spit located between the sea of Okhotsk and the Bolshaya river. The feeling is quite unusual, because the trip takes place on the road, on both sides of which-water! Oktyabrsky village meets its wind farms.stations, happily rotating blades. Crossings, and there will be 3, are carried out on ferries, which is also rare in everyday life. In the evening, after driving 400 km on various roads, the group is located on vacation in the village of Pauzhetka.
Day 2
Day 2
Day of rest. Tour of the village Pauzhetka. Visit Pauzhetskih thermal springs, located near Pauzhetskaya GEOENERGY, with mud boilers, pulsating springs, fumaroles; " Valley of the seven gomuls "cascade " emerald", thermal bath "Second life".

Pauzhetsky sources located in the valley of the river Pauzhetka, the largest left tributary of Ozernaya river. They resemble the springs of the Valley of geysers in miniature-the same phenomena, but on a reduced scale. The sources were first described more than 200 years ago by Stepan Petrovich Krasheninnikov. He noted that the keys " beat in many places like fountains, for the most part with great noise, one and a half feet high." 2 geysers used to work here. With the beginning of the functioning of the Pauzhet GEOENERGY activity of geysers (Old and New) fell. Externally geysers almost did not differ from pulsating sources and, of course, conceded to beauty of geysers of the geyser river. For example, the New Griffin geyser has no water flows from a barely noticeable depression in the rough alluvium. Its cycle in 1965 was 30 hours; the period of gushing 45-60 minutes; the width of the boiling column 0.4-0.5 m; the height of water emissions only-20-30 cm. It is, of course, a baby, but still a geyser, a direct relative of large and beautiful geysers located in the valley of the geyser river!

At the key site of the Pauzhet springs there are continuously bubbling griffins, throwing jets of boiling water and steam to a height of 1 m. the Springs are surrounded by a thin crust of geyserite.
Day 3
Day 3
Early departure to the Kuril lake, located on the territory of the South Kamchatka Federal reserve. The walk will take place along the Ozernaya river. In Kuril lake is fed by several rivers and streams: Hamycin, Atalink, Gavrushka, Vicencia, Cerused, and follows one river lake, which flows into the sea of Okhotsk. On the way to the lake (the route can take place on the transport of the reserve or on foot) stop to visit the observation deck on the Ozernaya river. A place where Kamchatka brown bears freely fish. Another 4 km and You are on the Kuril lake-the largest sockeye salmon spawning ground in Eurasia, on the banks of which you can meet bears fishing in their natural habitat.

The territory of the South Kamchatka Federal reserve, as well as the Kronotsky state reserve, was included in the UNESCO list of natural heritage in 1996 as part of the volcanoes of Kamchatka. After watching the bears go to the monument of nature - kutkhiny Bata. These are pumice rocks created by wind, water and volcanic activity. Stepan Petrovich Krasheninnikov, who studied Kamchatka from 1737 to 1741, told the tale of the Kamchatka Itelmen, who saw in the form of rocks huge boats-bats of the Supreme deity Kutha, left to dry, and they reminded the pioneer Cossacks of canoes. So and are worth here already several thousands of years "forgotten" boats and await his owner, to for ban to go in path on river to the sea. Late return, rest.

Day 4
Day 4
Breakfast. Then - a long road through rivers, crossings, past the sea of Okhotsk in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky. Rest in the hotel.
85 000 ₽ - individual Jeep tour with a group of 4 people
Dates 2021
applications are accepted for any dates in the period July - September for a group of 4 people
Guaranteed dates of the tour:
Recommended equipment
Backpack of medium size (15-20 l.)
High trekking boots (tightly fixing the ankle) with a corrugated sole, replaceable shoes (sneakers), membrane lightweight clothing, waterproof jacket and pants (gortex), raincoat
Gloves, hat, headlamp
Swimsuit, sunglasses, sunscreen
Personal first aid kit, mosquito and Midge repellents
Bear fishing on the Ozernaya river
Bear fishing on the Ozernaya river during the jeep tour "to Tolbachik volcano and Kuril lake".

  • Meeting, seeing off at the airport on the days of arrival and departure according to the program
  • Transfers on arrival and departure days
  • Accommodation: hotels / camp sites - 4 nights, Pauzhetka tents / private sector - 3 nights
  • 3 meals a day on the route. Breakfast when staying in hotels in the city
  • Guides, cook, guide on the route for a group tour - 10 people
  • All excursions on the program
  • Fees of the Kronotsky nature reserve in the vicinity of the Kuril lake(South UKS)
  • Payment for 6 crossings

  • Flights to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky

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