Bear fishing


During this tour you will visit:
South Kamchatka Nature Reserve - Kuril Lake - Fish Accounting Barrier on the Ozernaya River - Cardon Grass - Crater of the Ksudach Volcano - Stübel Lakes and Klyuchevoe - Hot Beach - Hot River Khodutka.
Want to know who is the best fisherman? This is a bear. On the Kuril Lake, you will see for yourself. Swimming in the hot waters of the Khodutka River will complete the tour.
from 09-00 to 18-00
18 - 22
Tour Map
Transfer from the Petropavlovsk Hotel to the heliport.
Flight to Kurilskoe lake 220 km. - 1 hour and 15 minutes.
Excursion to the fishing barrier.
After the briefing, you will be acquainted with the ecosystem of Kuril Lake accompanied by the inspector of the reserve. The lake is the largest breeding ground for Pacific sockeye. In some years, up to 8-10 million individuals come here. The abundance of fish attracts bears here. Pacific seagulls, White Sea Eagles are not averse to eat salmon.
The guide will tell about the South Kamchatka Zakaznik, about the very volcanic origin of Kuril Lake, the legend of the Heart of Alaid - one of the lake's extrusive domes, pumice deposits called "Kutkhina bata".
Additional option - Flight to Caldera of the Ksudach volcano 25 min.
1-hour tour of the caldera of the Ksudach volcano, Lake Stübel and Kluchevoy, hot beach, lunch.
A bonus will be the opportunity to swim in the Khodutkinsky thermal springs.
After swimming - flight to the heliport.
Transfer to the hotel.
46 000 ₽
If paid before 04.25.2021 - 44000 ₽
On the day of flight - 46000 ₽
Children under 12 years old - 38000 ₽
Features of execution.
After obtaining permission from the weather service, a decision is made on the flight. Departure time for the excursion depends on weather conditions in the city of Elizovo, along the route: Kuril Lake, Ksudach Volcano, Khodutkinskie springs.

Group team. The number of participants required for the flight is 18-22.

The excursion passes along the steep and nature trails with the obligatory accompaniment of an inspector of the reserve and a guide.
  • Transfers by helicopter MI-8
  • Lunch (a box lunch is served on this trip)
  • Reserve fees
  • Guide services
  • Bathing in thermal springs
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