Khalaktyrsky beach


Meeting the Pacific
Halaktyr beach on the Pacific coast, interesting for its black sand of volcanic origin. A walking tour begins at the Visitor Center and ends at the mouth of the Halaktyrka River.
from 10:00 to 15:00
4 - 20 people
Tour Map
Khalaktyrsky beach is located 25 kilometers from the city on the shore of the Pacific ocean.
It is known for black sand of volcanic origin, its grains of sand are attracted by magnets because they have a titanium-magnetite composition. A comfortable car will take you to the coast of the Pacific ocean. Khalaktyrsky beach is the flat part of Avacha Gulf, washed by the waters of the Pacific ocean. On the right, the beach ends with a mountain range. On the rock dikes ( folk name - Cucumber and glass) spend their training climbers. Climbing the nearby Halaktyr rock, you can see an impressive panorama of the Avacha group of volcanoes on the one hand and the vast ocean on the other! Feature of the beach-pure black sand of titanomagnetite origin. If you have a magnet - sand "remagnetize" to him. Around the beach - colorful carpet are berries (cranberries, blueberries, Shiksha, stone bramble) decorated with wild roses and thickets of birch, cedar. Previously, the place was closed to tourists and citizens, because it was a border area on which trenches and dugouts were built to repel any attack. Now the beach is a favorite place for residents and guests of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky.

Walking tour starts at the tourist visitor centre and ends at the mouth of the river khalaktyrka.
The guide will tell about the flora and fauna of the coast, historical events, show where the defensive and protective structures were, when Halaktyr beach was a military strategic object.
In July, the beach will be pleased with a carpet of flowering plants, in August, delicious and useful Kamchatka berries-knyazhenika, Shiksha, blueberries, honeysuckle; in September, rosehip berries will turn pink and, like red rubies, the green velvet carpet of the coastal zone will be decorated with cranberries. And you will have the opportunity to try Kamchatka berries, the taste of which differs from the taste of berries of other regions of Russia.
After the walk, tourists are offered tea and sandwiches. Fragrant tea and homemade cakes, soaked in tart ocean air, you will find especially delicious.
Visitors will be able to rise to the top Khalaktyrsky cliffs, overlooking the ocean, beach and volcanoes. This is a good place for photos.
When you come down, you will go to the city.
Tour price
4 500 ₽
Features of the tour
All the year round. Beautiful from may to October.
National team. The number of participants required for the tour-4-20 people.
Khalaktyrsky beach
Excursion to the Pacific coast
  • Shuttles
  • Staff support
  • Tea, coffee, sandwiches
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