The Vachkazhtsy massif
See the beautiful landscapes created by glacier and tectonics; You can visit the picturesque lake and waterfalls by visiting the Vachkazhets massif.
  • From 8:00 to 19:00
  • Average
  • 4 - 20
  • Car
Tour Map
The high-grade comfortable car will take you 82 km to the west from Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, where the amazingly beautiful Vachkazhets massif is located, which is part of the South Bystrinsky mountain range, formed as a result of tectonic uplift. At the moment, the massif consists of the town of Summer Transverse (1,417 m above sea level), the town of Vachkazhtsev (1,500 m above sea level) and the town of Vachkazhets (1,556 m). The monument of nature is extraordinarily beautiful because of the mountain massif glacier and tectonics. In the Holocene time, the glacier melted and, moving, created picturesque landscapes: glacial circuses, trough valleys (from it. Trog - trough), waterfalls, lake lake. Tahtoloch (Tahkoloch), into which the Klyuchevaya River flows, forming a waterfall about 5 m high.
After exploring the landscapes of Vachkazhets, lunch on the shore of Lake Takhkoloch, which is a favorite vacation spot of citizens.
If the group finishes the excursion from 16:00, then on the way back you can go to the balneological complex "Zelenovskiye Lakes" for swimming.
9 500 ₽
What's Included
  • Transfers
  • Accompanying staff
  • Dinner
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