Steller sea lion


This tour is for lovers of the sea elements. The reward can be different: from a caught perch to a meeting with killer whales. Along the way, you will visit the facilities: Tikhaya Bay - Babushkin Stone Island - Stanitsky Cape - Three Brothers, Devil's Finger nature monument, Zavoyko Peninsula - island Starichkov - Cape Kekurny, Russian Bay.
Tour Map
Departure for an excursion early. The group gathers at the place determined the day before, 15 minutes before the start of the tour. At 7-8 am the ship departs from the pier. You will pass by the nature monuments of Kamchatka: the Three Brothers cliffs in Avacha Bay, Starichkov Island.
Starichkov Island is a zoological natural monument created for the preservation of bird markets and quiet nesting and breeding of birds. The area of the island is only 0.5 sq. Km, and the height is just over 100 m above sea level. The density of the local population is high. Here, 44 breeding colonies of ten species of marine colonial birds live in a friendly, neighborly manner. Among them is the Pacific Chistik; bering cormorant; moevki; Pacific Gull; thick-billed murre; red-faced cormorant; finely billed murre; hatchet and the old man himself, whose name is the island. Some species are listed in the "Red Book of Kamchatka". Sometimes even fearful seals swim to meet travelers. Plants here have to adapt to extremely harsh conditions: on the one hand, constant sea winds, on the other - active livelihoods in bird markets.
The next stop is fishing. And here you can catch flounder, perch, navaga, Lenka, halibut, cod, steer. Ear will be cooked from caught fish - it's just a gourmet's dream!

Sometimes lucky travelers can see orcas. Complex, seemingly reasonable behavior, intricate social structure, each group has its own dialect, make the killer whale one of the most interesting objects of study. These smart animals are not here by chance. There is enough fish in the bay, here at Cape Kekurny there is a sea lion rookery - the largest members of the family of eared seals, which are also known as Steller's northern sea lions. It is always interesting to observe the behavior of these animals in harems. Here and the main male cleaver, females, calves, which are called puppies, somewhere bachelor on bachelor beds. They mainly contain young cleavers and old ones who are not able to occupy the territory on the reproductive area and are not able to participate in reproduction.
Then the ship will proceed to Russkaya Bay (until 1952, the Itelmen name Akhomten), where tourists will have the opportunity to wander along the coast, to see the waterfalls. The bay is really unique. She is beautiful and interesting industrial potential. Narrow (1.3 km) and long (10 km), deep (26m), sheltered among the hills and shores covered by cedar and alder stlanks along the banks, looks like a fjord. Such a successful combination of navigation made the bay an attractive refuge for seafarers during storms. Here it was possible to refuel with naturally flowing fresh water. The water is not only pure and has a pleasant taste, but it can last for months in ship tanks, because contains some silver ions.
After a walk on the slopes of the Russian Bay, the ship will return to the city. In the evening dusk, the white light of the lighthouse "Russian", which is located on Cape Inlet at an altitude of 61 m, will be clearly visible.
9 500 ₽
Children (from 5 to 12 years) - 8 000 ₽
  • Excursion
  • Dinner
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