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During this tour you will visit:
Alpine meadows - Rocks Three brothers - Russian Bay - Geyser Valley - caldera of Uzon volcano - Nalychevskaya valley - Tolbachik volcano - Kluchevskaya hill - Lake Khangar - Canyon on the Studenaya river - Basalt woodpile - Tolbachika caves - Kizimen volcano - Tumroki - Lake and Fishing on the river Storozh - Kutkhins baht - Kuril lake - Crater of the volcano Ksudach - Hot river Khodutka - Vilyuchinsky pass - Caldera of the volcano Gorely - Country sources - Volcano Mutnovsky - Canyon Dangerous - Fish market - Volcano Avachinsky - Ethnocomplex Kainyran - Z Elena Lakes - Bathing in thermal natural springs.
This Kamchatka tour will allow you to see the most unique places in a short time. During the tour you will see from 13 to 20 natural monuments of Kamchatka, including the Valley of Geysers, Uzon, Kuril Lake, fish in unique places where Kamchatka salmon compete to be the first to get hooked. The execution of the tour takes place on the basis of individual rental of helicopters, boats, use of the most comfortable vehicles.
8 days / 7 nights
2 - 16 people
Recreation center
Tour Map
Day 1
Day 1
Meeting at the airport.
Meeting, transfer, hotel accommodation.
Day 2
Day 2
Excursion around Avacha Bay.
On this day you will be offered a trip by boat on Avacha Bay. During the excursion on the boat you will see the nature monuments "Three brothers" - the famous rocks at the entrance to Avacha Bay, one of the main symbols of the bay and Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky and approach the nature monument on Starichkov Island to watch the bird bazaars. Starichkov Island is declared a zoological monument of nature. Here you can observe the nesting colonies of ten species of marine colonial birds, two of which — the red-faced cormorant and the old Star — are listed in the Red Book of the North-East of Russia and in the Red Book of Kamchatka. On the way back, you will have a wonderful view of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, a group of "homemade" volcanoes: Koryak, Avachinsky, Kozelsky, Aag, Arik and, picturesquely situated on the opposite side of the bay, Vilyuchinsky volcano. You will have the opportunity to catch fish, and the cook will prepare an ear for you from it.
A diver will get sea hedgehogs and crabs delicacies from the seabed for you, which you can taste immediately at lunch.
Day 3
Day 3
Observation of bears on the Kuril Lake.
Transfer to the helipad. Departure to the Kuril Lake. In the necklace of the peaks of the southern volcanoes - Ilinsky, Zheltovsky, the Wild ridge, Koshelev there is an extraordinary beauty Kuril Lake - a natural breeding ground for a valuable salmon variety - sockeye, with a large population of bears and eagles. The lake is a complex natural monument of Kamchatka and is located on the territory of the South Kamchatka reserve. You will have a unique opportunity to watch the fishing bears, boiling water from the spawning salmon. You will fly over the monument of nature "Kutkhina bati" and will be surprised at the bizarre forms of pumice deposits. You will have lunch in the crater of the most picturesque volcano Ksudach, which is a geological monument of nature. While the cooks are cooking dinner, accompanied by a guide, you will take a fascinating walk and explore the crater lakes of Stübel and Kluchevoy. You will be amazed by the magnificent lakes with fish inhabiting them and the "hot beach" - the outlet of hot waters on the shore of the crater lake "Klyuchevoye". You can even swim in the crater.
After lunch, you will fly to Khodutkinsky hot springs (a natural monument), flowing into the Khodutka River for swimming. Where else in the world can you swim in the river, the temperature in which ranges from 20 to 45 degrees. Here you can truly relax, take a swim in the river, take a walk or take a picture against the backdrop of magnificent nature.
Day 4
Day 4
A flight to the Valley of Geysers is a wonder of the world!
Breakfast. After receiving permission to depart, the issuance of which depends on the meteo conditions, departure to the Avachinsky heliport. During the flight by helicopter to the Valley of Geysers, the route runs over the tundra, mountain ranges and gorges, volcanoes, rivers and lakes. Tourists can observe the emissions of gases and ashes of the Karymsky volcano, the beauty of the crater lake of the Maly Semyachik volcano, the picturesque coast and ocean distance.
The Valley of Geysers is one of the greatest discoveries of the 20th century, a pearl of Kamchatka, hidden "in a deep canyon on the territory of the Kronotsky biosphere reserve. What is the Valley of Geysers? This is a canyon of a mountain river, where more than twenty large geysers operate on an area of seven square kilometers. Each of these geysers is unique and unique. It has its own name and character. After a two-hour excursion, during which you will see an eruption of several geysers (Bolshoi, Slych, etc.) flight to the caldera of the Uzon volcano.
The caldera of the volcano Uzon was formed about forty thousand years ago at the place of operation for nearly a million years of a giant volcano. After a series of grand eruptions that ended forty thousand years ago, the volcano collapsed, the surface subsided - a 9 * 12 km caldera formed. "The soaring lands" was the name Kamchadals called Uzon. The caldera is unique in a wide variety of hydrothermal manifestations: mineral lakes, bubbling mud pots, powerful steam poles from hot springs, colored streams against the background of the multicolor of surrounding rocks, clay volcanoes in miniature. Here, in the eyes of the researchers, modern processes of mineral and ore formation occur.
On the way to the recreation center "Tumroki" a helicopter will land for fishing on the bank of the Storozh river, which literally "boils" from the fish going to spawn. (In an hour, tourists catch a barrel of Kamchatka salmon). Next, travel through the picturesque canyon and you are at the Tumrokio recreation center. While the chefs prepare a festive dinner of caught fish, tourists bathe in hot springs. They are in the territory of base 5. From one medical thermal water is used for drinking.
Day 5
Day 5
Klyuchevskaya group of volcanoes.
The great fissure Tolbachik eruption took place in Kamchatka from July 6, 1975 to December 10, 1976. It was the largest basalt eruption in the Kuril-Kamchatka volcanic belt in historical time, where about a tenth of the world's active land volcanoes are concentrated. As a result of this eruption, new volcanic cones were formed, surrounded by vast fields of lava and slag. At present, the volcano has completed an eruption, but other volcanoes of the Klyuchevskaya group have "woken up", which we will fly over.
The helicopter will land on the slag field, and the guide will fascinatingly tell about volcanoes and eruptions in Kamchatka. Beautiful view of volcanoes active and cooled down of the Klyuchevskaya group: Klyuchevskoy (4835 m), Kamen (4575 m), Ushkovsky (4108), Krestovsky (3943 m), Sharp and Plosky Tolbachik (3682 m and 3085 m). Klyuchevskoy volcano is the highest active volcano in Eurasia and is one of the most spectacular sights.
Inspection of the nature monument - basal woodpile at Klyuchevskaya volcano. While the helicopter flies to refuel in with. Esso, tourists will be able to write the name of the company, a slogan and elements of the basaltic woodpile near the Klyuchevskaya volcano.
The villages of Esso and Anavgai are inhabited by the indigenous population - the Evens. In the village of Esso, there is one of the best ethnographic museums of the region, which has rich funds of national household items, clothing, utensils, and beliefs. After refueling the helicopter will return back to the city. On the way, the helicopter can once again stop for fishing on the Storozh river, then make several stops, so that the tourists visit unique natural monuments: the waterfall on Karymsky Val, Verkhne-Avachinskoe Lake.
Day 6
Day 6
Mutnovsky (Gorely) volcano.
Highly comfortable car will bring you to the crater. During the excursion (3.5 km one way) to the crater of the Mutnovsky volcano, you will see turquoise glaciers, bubbling mud pots, a boiling river, breathing out aggressive gas mixtures of fumaroles. Fumaroles are sources of hot gases in the craters and on the slopes of volcanoes, through which gases dissolved in magma leave the earth's interior. As a rule, thick steam curls over large fumaroles, since the magma contains large amounts of water. In addition to water, carbon dioxide, various oxides of sulfur, hydrogen sulfide, ammonia and other chemical compounds are emitted through fumaroles. This is an absolutely amazing, but rather dangerous place - the path passes in the immediate vicinity of these volcanic emissions, powerful sulfur vapors and ammonia. Therefore, this is the most difficult place for tourists to pass one by one, with extreme caution. You will get acquainted with the Vulkan River, the washed-out wall of the northern crater, which collapses from a height of about 80 meters, piercing the deep canyon Opasny for its riverbed. A powerful glacier descends from the eastern crater down to the river, forming fantastic fantastic figures while melting. It seems that you are on some other planet, but this is the Earth, beautiful and amazing in its manifestations.
IMPORTANT! Depending on the condition of the snow, an alternative excursion to the thermae and fumarole fields of the Summer sources of the Mutnovsky volcano or an alternative ascent to Gorely volcano can be performed.
Day 7
Day 7
Ethnocultural complex "Kaynyran"
Not far from Yelizovo, in the picturesque valley of the Kolokolnikova there is an ethnocultural complex "Kaynyran". Kaynyran in Koryak means a bear house ("kaynyn" -medved, "wound" -house). On the left are the Koryak and Avacha volcanoes, the right spring lake and the spawning river, and in the vicinity of the camp there are the Hermann birch (Kamchatka stone birch), dog rose, honeysuckle, Kamchatka tall grass.
Here, far from the bustle of the city, the companions of tourists will become pacification and a positive attitude. But otherwise, if here in the kennel of Kamchatka sled dogs participating in the Beringia race (980 km from Esso to Ossora), each dog will look friendly at you with its blue eyes and joyfully wave its tail to you.
After a tour of the complex, tourists settle down by the fire in the national yaranga, enjoy Kamchatka fish soup and Koryak herbal tea, while local aborigines show scenes from the lives of hunters, a dance master class, sing songs and play the vargan.
You can supplement the visit to the complex by swimming in the Zelenovsky Lakes pools. One large pool and 8 special baths filled with thermal water have a beneficial effect on the body, improve metabolism and strengthen the immune system. Warm up in the healing gray-hydrogen, arsenic baths, you can plunge into the lake, in which the cold underground keys go. The lake is located right behind the baths, wooden steps with handrails lead to it. Such a Kamchatka bath is a pleasant end to the trip!
Day 8
Day 8
After breakfast transfer to the airport.
From 350 000 ₽ per pax for the group of 16 pax.
For calculation is important:
  • The amount of helicopter time spent
    on the program
  • The number of tourists in the group
  • Hotel accommodation costs
  • Reserve fees
  • Expenses for program execution
VIP tour in Kamchatka
You will get acquainted with the unique places of Kamchatka in a short time.
We can include in the tour additional objects at your request.
  • You will see the Valley of Geysers - the miracle of Russia
  • Learn to fish like bears do on the Kuril Lake
  • Kill a fish barrel yourself
  • From the basalt woodpile near the volcano
  • Nameyannaya Sopka fold the mysterious name
  • Fly to the herd to reindeer herders
  • See what kind of firework is in the crater Kluchevskogo volcano and understand why Yuri Senkevich was ready to return to Kamchatka again and again !
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