At the top of Avachinsky volcano


Climbing the active volcano Avachinsky
Climbing to Vlk. Avachinsky - an opportunity to explore the crater of an active volcano, enjoy volcanic landscapes and a way to test endurance.
From 6:00 to 20:00
3 - 20
Tour Map
Departure for an excursion early. Highly passable comfortable car will bring you to the foot of the volcano.
During the excursion to the crater of the Avachinsky volcano, you will see a crater in which fumaroles smoke. Fumaroles are sources of hot gases in the craters and on the slopes of volcanoes, through which gases dissolved in magma leave the earth's interior. As a rule, thick steam curls over large fumaroles, since the magma contains a large amount of water. In addition to water, carbon dioxide, various oxides of sulfur, hydrogen sulfide, ammonia and other chemical compounds are emitted through fumaroles. This is an absolutely amazing, but rather dangerous place - the path passes in the immediate vicinity of these volcanic emissions, powerful sulfur vapors and ammonia. Volcano is active. From the summit of Avachi there is a wonderful view of the volcanoes of the northern part - Zen-dzur, Zhupanovsky, in the south - Vilyuchinsky stratovolcano, Mutnovsky volcano, in the east the blue distances of the Pacific Ocean delight the eye.
At the site at the crater you will have time to have a bite and have some rest, since climbing the volcano is quite tiresome, it even has a mountaineering category 1-a.
Return is always more enjoyable. A few hours and you are already returning to the city tired but happy!
6 500 ₽
What's Included
  • Transfers
  • Personnel support
  • Snack
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