Excursion to Gorely volcano


Active processes of the crater of Gorely volcano
A simple climb - and you are at the top of the active volcano Gorelyaya Sopka, which offers stunning views of the volcanic landscapes of southern Kamchatka.
  • From 8:00 to 20:00
  • Average
  • 4 - 20
  • Car
Tour Map
Early departure from the hotel. The route will run along the Avacha lowland. Then - Paratunka - Zaiky cape mountain (Serebryanny stream) - Upper Paratunsky hot springs - Vilyuchinsky volcano - Vilyuchinsky pass - Gorely volcano caldera And now, a high-grade comfortable car will bring you to the crater of Gorely volcano.
During the excursion (3 km in one direction) into the crater of the Burning Volcano, you will see a crater in which fumaroles smoke. Fumaroles are sources of hot gases in the craters and on the slopes of volcanoes, through which gases dissolved in magma leave the earth's interior. As a rule, thick steam curls over large fumaroles, since the magma contains a large amount of water. In addition to water, carbon dioxide, various oxides of sulfur, hydrogen sulfide, ammonia and other chemical compounds are emitted through fumaroles. This is an absolutely amazing, but rather dangerous place - the path passes in the immediate vicinity of these volcanic emissions, powerful sulfur vapors and ammonia. Vulcan is active. Since 2010, a vapor-gas eruption takes place on the volcano in active form. Prior to that, there was a very beautiful turquoise, acid lake in its crater. There are 11 craters on the volcano, there are extrusions, about 40 cinder cones, other manifestations of volcanism. From the summit of Gorely a wonderful view opens up of the Home Volcano group, the Vilyuchinsky stratovolcano, the Mutnovsky volcano, Opala, and the amazingly beautiful landscapes of the south are visible.
At the site at the crater you will have time to eat and relax.
On the way back, the group will have the opportunity to swim in the natural thermal pools of the Hot Hill or in the pool at the Antarius base. After this, return to the hotel.
12 000 ₽

Depending on the weather conditions, an alternative excursion to the lavovody, the cave near the Gorely volcano, to the colony of black-cap marmot-Tarbagan can be performed, to get acquainted with the Alpine vegetation.
What's Included
  • Transfers
  • Personnel support
  • Dinner
  • Bathing in thermal spring
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