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Features of the crater Mutnovsky volcano
Mutnovsky, one of the most active volcanoes in Kamchatka, is the proud owner of the most powerful fumarole fields in Kamchatka. This is a hard worker volcano: Mutnovskaya GeoPP produces 40% of the electricity consumed by the city.
From 6:00 to 21:00
Age 5+
Tour Map
Early departure from the hotel. The route will run along the Avacha lowland. Then - Paratunka - Zaiky cape mountain (Serebryanny stream) - Upper Paratunsky hot springs - Vilyuchinsky volcano - Vilyuchinsky pass - Gorely volcano caldera And now, a high-grade comfortable car will take you to the crater of the Muddy Volcano.
During the excursion (3.5 km one way) to the crater of the Mutnovsky volcano, you will see turquoise glaciers, bubbling mud pots, a boiling river, exhaling fumarole sulfur dioxide gas. Fumaroles are sources of hot gases in the craters and on the slopes of volcanoes, through which gases dissolved in magma leave the earth's interior. As a rule, thick steam curls over large fumaroles, since the magma contains a large amount of water. In addition to water, carbon dioxide, various oxides of sulfur, hydrogen sulfide, ammonia and other chemical compounds are emitted through fumaroles. This is an absolutely amazing, but rather dangerous place - the path passes in the immediate vicinity of these volcanic emissions, powerful sulfur vapors and ammonia. Therefore, this is the most difficult place for tourists to pass one by one, accompanied by a guide, with extreme caution.
At the entrance of the crater, on a hill and away from the fumarole fields, you will have time to eat and rest for a while.
On the way back, you will get to know the Vulkannaya River, the washed-out wall of the northern crater, which collapses from a height of about 80 meters, piercing the deep canyon Opasny for its riverbed. A powerful glacier descends from the eastern crater down to the river, forming fantastic fantastic figures while melting. It seems that you are on some other planet, but this is the Earth, beautiful and amazing in its manifestations. Swimming in the Upper Paratunsky springs or in the pool at the base of Antarius. After this, return to the hotel.
9 500 ₽

Depending on the condition of the snow, an alternative excursion to the thermal and fumarole fields of the Summer sources of the Mutnovsky volcano and the North Mutnovsky sources can be performed.
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  • Personnel support
  • Dinner
  • Bathing in thermal springs
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