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Valley of Geysers "from dusk to dawn"
The tour is recommended for those who want to get exclusive photos of the Valley of Geysers. Possibility of a night tour and individual flights. You can watch the bear fishing on the Kuril Lake and take a boat trip in the Pacific Ocean.
7 days / 6 nights
From 4 people
Hotel accommodation
Tour Map
Day 1
Day 1
Arrival, accommodation at the hotel. Rest after the flight.
Day 2
Day 2
Transfer to the helipad. After obtaining permission to fly from the weather service - a flight on the route Airport-Valley of Geysers. Along the way, fly over the Karymsky volcano, which often pleases travelers with its slag - ash ash eruptions. In the crater of the Maly Semyachik volcano, you can stop and explore the yellow-turquoise acid crater lake with a soaring yellow slope painted with "breath" fumarole.
Next, our path lies in the Valley of Geysers. We will not be limited in time and get to know every geyser, every pulsating source, every boiler.
Evening tour of the Valley. A small trip through the canyon. Photographs of rainbow splashes in the rays of sunset.
Day 3
Day 3
Morning walks and photographing. Flight to the caldera of the Uzon volcano. If the Valley is a powerful fountains of geysers, then Uzon is a mysterious micro world. Here you will get acquainted with the Chloride Lake, from which a weak solution of sulfuric acid flows, the Bath Lake with a false sulfur bottom, mud volcanoes, very reminiscent of the real ones, will get acquainted with the works of mud pots by the court creators of Her Majesty Nature - the Artist and Sculptor.
Returning, we will fly over the volcano Burlyashchy, waterfalls at Lake Karymsky.
Lunch will be organized in the Nalychevo Valley, where the open-air thermal natural pools are located. Return to the city. Relaxation.
Day 4
Day 4
We have already seen how "alive" are the beauties of inanimate nature. It is time to get acquainted with the King of the local open spaces - Kamchatka brown bear! There is no better place than Kurile Lake in Kamchatka. It is here, on the largest breeding ground of Eurasia, bears live quite peacefully. War between individuals rarely occur, mainly for the best areas of food production, and, of course, the love of a bear. War is not what you call it, since from afar it is clear who is in charge here, who is the alpha male. You will have the opportunity to observe all this with your own eyes from a boat that rolls you over the surface of Kuril Lake. Here and thousands of sea gulls, live well away from traditional habitats. What can you not do if there is a "fish-in!", As the cartoon cat Vasily would say. Not only gulls, but also foxes, wolverines, eagles, Swans live here, as the main question of life is "what to eat?" here it is solved simply. Nerka — the main dish of the menu — enters the lake to spawn from May to February, reaching the peak of the "rune course" in late July and early August. Therefore, the maximum number of fans of sockells of all stripes appears on the lake from mid-July to mid-September. It is at this time that we conduct these excursions.
After resting and observing the bears, we will fly around the nature monument Kuthina baty-pemzezovye rocks in the form of inverted boats, look at the smooth surface of the crater lakes of the Ksudach volcano - Klyuchevoy and Shtyubel and swim in the hot thermal part of the River Khodutka.
Day 5
Day 5
A visit to the ethno-complex "Snowy Dogs" will not leave you indifferent. The joy of communicating with Kamchatka animals in an authentic place will give a forgotten childhood feeling of happiness. Dogs are glad to everyone! Everyone is ready to hug, lick, ride. Here it is possible to stroke the Kamchatka deer. The guardians of national traditions will talk about the dogs participating in the traditional Beringia dog sledding race and the customs of the indigenous peoples of Kamchatka. They will be pleased with national dances and throat singing. Lunch with elements of national cuisine will be organized at the hearth in the open air. After visiting the complex, an excursion around the historic center of the city will be held. The city has something to be proud of!
Day 6
Day 6
The tour will be completed with a tour of Avacha Bay. You will see the monuments of nature: Three brothers, the island of Starichkov; ride in a boat on the grottoes; fish a little. The diver will reach to the table crabs and sea urchins, the caviar that is tasty and healthy. After the tour, accompanied by a guide, you will come to the fish market and souvenir shops.
Day 7
Day 7
End day of travel. Airport transfer.
from 260 000 ₽
4 people - 370 000 ₽
10 people - 260 000 ₽
Pitfalls overnight in the Valley of Geysers:
  • The Valley of Geysers is located in the canyon of the Geysernaya River at an altitude of 600m above sea level. You need to be prepared for the fact that the fog in the evening will quickly "sit down", and in the morning it will "fade" late. Such things are not uncommon in the Valley. Those. setting the task to take exclusive photos in the early morning and evening, you can lose this opportunity.
  • The weather in Kamchatka is changing unpredictably. Even with a positive weather forecast, you can get into a situation when the weather "rings" in the evening, and in the morning it suddenly rains or there is fog, in which flights are prohibited. Stay in the Valley because of the weather can be for several days. In the fog tours are not conducted, because there are enough bears in the Valley, which may be frightened by the fog of tourists leaving them and react inadequately ...
  • The territory on which the tourist part of the Valley of Geysers is located is a small 300 m. In maximum length.
What to do?

  • Choose this tour, understanding the possible risks.
  • Choose another tour, for example:
    "All Kamchatka", during which you will see much more interesting and will be more insured from the weather oddities, or tour "7 wonders", in which helicopter excursions are organized as part of a group (20 people) and are held in priority immediately "as soon as the weather became possible for flying."
    Tourists visiting the Valley of Geysers in groups have enough time:
    • to see the eruption of the Big Geyser
    • admire the fountain splashes of the Stained-glass geyser platform
    • watch the mud boilers boil

    If you want to extend the pleasure of contemplation, you can choose an individual flight to the Valley of Geysers and slowly explore the beauties and secrets. If this is not enough, it is possible to get acquainted with the nightlife of the Valley of Geysers, staying for the night in the visit center of the Valley.

    This tour is recommended for those who want to get exclusive photos of the Valley of Geysers.
    What's Included
    • helicopter rental, yachts
    • all transfers
    • the work of our professional team
    • 3 meals on the route outside the city
    • breakfast at hotel
    • lunch on excursions
    • reserve fees
    • admission fee
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