Valley of Geysers


During this tour you will visit:
Karymsky Volcano - Maly Semyachik Volcano - Geyser Valley - Uzon volcano caldera - Nalychevskaya Valley - Bathing in thermal natural springs.
The miracle of Russia - the Valley of Geysers and the caldera of the Uzon volcano, in which the processes of modern ore and mineral formation take place, you will see during the tour.
10:00 to 18:00
18 - 22
Transport - helicopter
Tour Map
If the weather is cooperative and if there is place on the helicopter you will fly to the Valley of Geysers, located in the Kronotsky Reserve. The flight takes about one hour and fifteen minutes, three hours are spent in the Valley and then there is a lunch after which you return to Yelizovo. The whole excursion can take all day though because the weather usually does not clear until late morning.

Arriving at the Valley is nearly as exciting as being there, as the helicopter's route takes visitors over the gorgeous acid-blue Maly Semyachik Crater Lake. As well the stunningly beautiful and very actively puffing Karymsky Volcano often astounds visitors by belching forth with ash and smoke as the helicopter makes a slow circuitous flight around one of Kamchatka's most active volcanoes.
The Valley of Geysers is the only geyser field in Eurasia and the second largest concentration of geysers in the world. This 6 km long basin with approximately ninety geysers and many hot springs is situated on the Kamchatka Peninsula in the Russian Far East, predominantly on the left bank of the ever-deepening Geysernaya River, into which geothermal waters flow from a relatively young stratovolcano, Kikhpinych. It is part of the Kronotsky Nature Reserve. The valley is difficult to reach, with helicopters providing the only feasible means of transport.
Volcano Uzon caldera was formed about 40000 years ago as the result of giant volcano destruction caused by a series of explosive eruptions. The caldera is a 150 sq. km. basin surrounded by steep rock walls. There are five thermal fields with thousands of spouting springs within the caldera, though there was no pulsating geyser up until now. Scientists are observing the recently erupted geyser and hypothesizing as to its origin. The pulsating source has not yet been named.
You will have an opportunity, by trying yourself, to effect beautiful picture of geysers. This itinerary takes you to one of the most remote parts of the world. Please also note that weather circumstances may change the day of excursion as to take advantage of good weather. It is possible for flights on a given day to be cancelled or delayed due to poor visibility, high winds, or precipitation somewhere along the route. Its possible that even if skies are sunny at the helicopter port, fog in the Valley can prevent landing. Safety is the utmost concern. Weather and other unforeseen circumstances can necessitate changes in the schedule and we make every effort to adhere to this program.
The flight takes about one hour and fifteen minutes, three hours are spent in the Valley and then there is a lunch after which you will have a flight to Caldera of Uzon volcano. You will have one hour for discover this unique place for you. Then you will return to heliport in Yelizovo. This trip with round trip helicopter flights is typically 7-8 hours in length.
46 000 ₽
If paid before 04.25.2021 - 44000 ₽
On the day of flight - 46000 ₽
Children under 12 years old - 38000 ₽
Features of the tour
July - October
Helicopter walking tour, visiting protected sites
Performance features:
after obtaining permission from the meteorological service, the decision on the flight is made Time of departure for the tour depends on the weather conditions in Elizovo, on the way: Valley of Geysers, Uzon, Nalychevo. Group team.
The number of participants required for the flight - 18-22
You should have with you::
passport, bathing suit, towel, cash to pay for the tour or a copy of the payment order confirming the advance payment.
Some essential conditions of the contract concluded between the Contractor (helicopter company) of services and the Customer (tourist).
4.2. The Contractor is not responsible for the negative consequences and losses arising as a result of events and circumstances that are outside the scope of its competence, as well as for actions (inaction) of third parties, including:
- transport organizations - carriers;
- government agencies and services,
as well as other circumstances that arose not through the fault of the Contractor, preventing the Customer (Excursionist) from using the services;
- for the non-appearance or delay of the Customer (and / or the Excursionist) to the place of departure or to the place of collection of the group.
4.3. The Contractor is not responsible for the failure to fulfill the obligations assumed under this contract if proper performance was not possible due to weather conditions that impede the implementation of the Tour.
4.4. If, in adverse weather conditions, the duration of the Excursion increases for a certain or indefinite period, the Contractor is not responsible for additional and other costs that may be incurred by the Customer (and / or the Excursionist) independently and associated with his subsequent flights / relocations, accommodations in hotels, paid and unpaid tourist products, excursions provided by other organizations, as well as for other expenses.
4.5. In case of refusal to participate in the Excursion less than 24 hours before the start of the Excursion, as well as in the case of the Customer (Excursion) not appearing on the day of the Excursion, the Customer shall pay the Contractor a penalty in the amount of 60% of the total contract amount. The Contractor has the right to withhold the penalty when returning the payment made by the Customer under this Agreement.
4.6. In the event that, according to weather conditions, a combined group flying along the route:
- "Valley of Geysers-Uzon-Nalychevo", did not visit the territory:
Nalychevo Natural Park, the Customer is reimbursed the amount of 1,000 (one thousand) rubles;
caldera of Uzon volcano or the Valley of Geysers - the amount of the entrance ticket is reimbursed to the Customer;
- "Kuril Lake-Ksudach-Khodutka", did not visit the volcano Ksudach or Khodutkinskie hot springs, the Contractor does not pay compensation.
4.7. In case of cancellation of the Excursion due to adverse weather conditions and the inability of the Customer (Excursionist) to transfer the Excursion to another day, no penalty will be charged, previously deposited funds will be returned in full.
4.8. In case of refusal of the Customer (Excursionist) from the elements of the Excursion during it, the Contractor does not make material compensation for unused planned services and all expenses arising in connection with these circumstances are borne by the Customer.
  • Transfers by helicopter MI-8
  • Lunch (a box lunch is served on this trip)
  • Reserve fees
  • Guide services
  • Bathing in thermal springs
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