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Tour to country sources
Country sources - geothermal sources located at the foot of the Mutovsky volcano - in the northern part of the largest geothermal field in Russia, are three hours drive from the capital of the region. They are located in a picturesque ravine, on the bottom and slopes of which a gas-vapor mixture breaks out of the ground.
From 8:00 to 19:00
Medium difficulty
4 - 20 people
Transport - Car
Tour Map
Suburban geothermal springs are located at the foot of the Mutnovsky volcano, in the Northern part of the largest geothermal field in Russia. Externally, they are steam-gas jets, with noise escaping from the bottom and geothermal slopes of the ravine. The way to the Country springs lies through the valley of the Paratunka river. Travel time from Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky-3 hours. The first stop is the stream "Zaikin key". In it you can dial delicious drinking water. On the way to see the intricately curved stone birch Ehrman, Korean willow - Chosenia. From the car window on the slope of the Vilyuchinsky volcano you can see the falling jets of the waterfall.
The second stop will be at the top of the pass. Here you can take a picture on the background of Vilyuchinsky volcano and 3 local spirits-Gomulov. On the other side of the road you can see the volcanoes of the southern group-Mutnovsky and Gorely, velvet slopes of hills covered with green cedar, yellow-pink glades of Golden rhododendron and Kamchatka.
The car will stop at the Geothermal station. The work of its turbines you can watch from the slope of the hill. Here you will explore the thermal field "bear".
Next you will see the soaring slopes. Fumarole fields stretch along steep colored slopes, on the walls of which are heated platforms, mud boilers, jets of steam-gas mixture and geothermal modified rocks of bright colors.
The pressurized compressed air contained in the magma bursts to the surface, turning solid volcanic rocks into clay colored surfaces. The color of the surface depends on the content of metal salts in the gas.
In boiling springs geologists boiled eggs and warmed canned food for dinner. You can also try to use the possibilities of nature in cooking.
If you are ready for an hour-long walk down the slope of the Mutnovsky volcano, you can visit the Verkhnemutnovsky thermal field. The uniqueness, in addition to the beauty of the object is that it is hidden by the folds of the terrain from observation from the side and therefore rarely visited by tourists.
After lunch, you will go to the city.
Tour price
11 000 ₽
Features of the tour
July - September
Car-walking tour
  • Shuttles.
  • Staff support.
  • Lunch.
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